PSOE and Podemos can not agree on the figures of their Budget agreement

PSOE and Podemos can not agree on the figures of their Budget agreement

United We believe that the increase in income that will experience the coffers of the State after the agreement reached with the Government to approve the General Budgets of 2019 "around 7,000 million" and "investments in the Welfare State", as it prefers to name the expenses, the 4,500 compared to 5,678 and 2,082, respectively, calculated by the Ministry of Finance.

This was stated Thursday by the Secretary of Organization of Podemos, Pablo Echenique, in a press conference at the Congress of Deputies of the different spokesmen of the confederal group to give his version of the budget agreement, and always starting, according to what he said, that The Government has much more capacity than a parliamentary group to quantify the economic effects of some measures.

Regarding the gap with the Government's calculations, in Unidos Podemos we pointed out that the two new taxes agreed upon, which will have to be approved as bills in a procedure different from that of public accounts, will begin to collect in 2020, not immediately .

For the rest, both Echenique and the attached spokesperson of Unidos Podemos, Ione Belarra, expressed their satisfaction for the agreement and by the fact that the Government "has moved" with respect to an initial position that led them to ensure on Monday and Tuesday that they were "in the no" to the Budgets, until reaching "very relevant agreements".

However, Belarra also wanted to emphasize that this agreement is "a step" and that the Podemos project will only be implemented on the day that Unidos Podemos will be able to govern. Echenique added, in the same sense, that "we are halfway there", and wanted to take advantage of the fact that tomorrow is October 12, National Holiday Day, to claim that true patriotism "is not to put flags or go to parades", because "the country is the people".

To questions from journalists about whether this agreement, which transcends the mere budget to address issues such as gender equality, the Law on Citizen Security, online sports betting or the Electoral Law, it's not really a legislature agreement, Belarra replied that "A legislature agreement would be a shared government, and that is not happening." According to her, "this agreement is the first step, important, of a framework agreement" of relationship with the PSOE, but "a legislative agreement transcends a mere agreement of budgets". Echenique terció: "They have never asked us to enter the Government."

At the same time, the economic spokesman of Izquierda Unida, Carlos Sanchez Mato, commented that this "is not more than a first step, but it is a very important first step", although he acknowledged that the commitment to repeal a series of points of the Citizen Security Law have been "timid and insufficient advances".

The spokeswoman for En Comú Podem, Lucía Martín, wanted to put the accent on the measures to reduce the rental price, because it is a topic closely related to Barcelona, ​​and in which the City Council chaired by Ada Colau has wanted to introduce measures. As in his opinion these Budgets are "objectively good" for Catalonia, Martin promised to try to convince the pro-independence parties to approve them, because this "should be a turning point to end the paralysis" of Catalan politics.

On the other hand, Yolanda Díaz, from En Marea, highlighted as major achievements of the agreement the update of pensions to the CPI, the increase in the minimum wage and, in the absence of agreement for the repeal of the labor reforms, changes in the legislation left by the PP Government as the suppression of false self-employed workers who only work for one employer, establish the registration of working hours and time control against hours extra, the recovery of the unemployment subsidy for those over 52 years of age by increasing their contribution base and delinking the contract for work and service from subcontractors. On the other hand, he acknowledged that "we have made little progress in tax matters".


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