"PSOE and PNV must support the investigation commission"

The Table of the Congress must decide this Tuesday if it processes the request for a commission of inquiry into sexual abuse in the Church registered last week by United We Can, ERC and EH Bildu. For this reason, the day before, the confederal group has added more pressure to the groups that make up the highest body of the Lower House – in addition to United We Can, PSOE, PP and Vox – and, especially, to the socialists, whose vote is essential, to support the aforementioned commission of investigation.

Cs will support an investigation commission on sexual abuse in the Church

Citizens will support an investigation commission on sexual abuse in the Church

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Deputies of United We Can have held a meeting of about an hour with victims of abuse in the Church. And, at the exit, both the parliamentarians of the confederal group and those affected themselves have made appeals to the PSOE, but also to other groups, to support the creation of that commission in the Lower House. "The PSOE and the PNV must support this investigation commission," Fernando García Salmones, a victim of abuse and spokesman for the Stolen Childhood association, has settled at the gates of Congress.

In reality, the PSOE has not refused to support it, although for the moment it has not clarified what its position will be at the Congress Table, after both PP and Vox clearly stated their rejection of the initiative.

"We want to make a call, especially to the PSOE to side with the victims and the Pope. You must choose whether you are with the victims or with the victimizers and the Episcopal Conference," said Jaume Asens, president of the United Parliamentary Group We can in Congress. In his opinion, in cases of abuse "declarations of goodwill are not enough."

"Repair the damage done"

"We are obliged to act in the face of abominable events that challenge us as a society. And Congress must play the role of reparation and administration of the truth," insisted the deputy of the confederal group.

For Asens, the investigation commission requested by his group, ERC and EH Bildu seeks to "go to the end" in the investigations of the abuses committed within the Church, "repair the damage caused", "purify responsibilities" and try of "it never happens again".

On the part of the victims, Fernando García has branded as "opportunistic" the fact that the PNV has withdrawn from the request of an investigation commission and has asked the Government that the investigations be carried out by a group of "experts" outside Parliament . In his opinion, the fact that "a Catholic party" like the Basque nationalists backed the commission "would help the Church to participate" and contribute to clarifying the truth.

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