February 28, 2021

PSOE also showed laughing models in campaigns against gender violence

The Andalusian Minister of Social Policy, Equality and Conciliation, Rocío Ruiz (Cs), has defended the campaign of the Junta de Andalucía against sexist violence in which women appear smiling and recalled that the PSOE, when he ruled, also used laughing models in similar initiatives.

"It is not the first time campaigns are used with surviving women who smile, and who can smile again, after having overcome this tragedy," Ruiz said in statements to Antena 3.

The counselor recalled that the Andalusian Socialist Government, in 2013, disclosed a campaign with a photograph of a "happy" woman with her son who had survived the macho violence, and the Government of Aragon, in 2017, also when he ruled the PSOE, made another in which an older lady smiled as she hugged a girl.

Therefore, Ruiz has said that "they are very surprised by the controversy" raised by the campaign of the Board, in which actresses appear smiling with the motto, "She has suffered ill-treatment. But life is always stronger. Report. Live. . Dial 016 ".

"You deserve a better life" was the motto of the 2013 campaign in Andalusia when the PSOE ruled, while that of Aragon was presented under the text "You deserve to be happy".

The counselor has emphasized that the current Andalusian campaign, which both the PSOE and Podemos have asked to withdraw while being defended by the bipartite government of the PP and Cs, complies with the Law on gender violence in Andalusia, which proposes initiatives with messages " positive "and with" surviving "victims.

The idea of ​​the current campaign, Ruiz said, is to encourage women and their family and social environment to report cases of sexist violence and to go to public resources so they can receive help.

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