Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

PSG's response to Barcelona's offer

The PSG has said “no” to Barcelona for the offer by Neymar. According to the Le Parisien newspaper, the Barca plan of a transfer now and paying next year is not accepted by the French entity, which wants to receive money now.

Barcelona's plan was for the Brazilian to play already this year in the Valverde team, as assigned and that it was next season when an amount close to 160 million euros was paid. But, to that, the PSG refuses.

According to the French newspaper, the main problem is that the PSG does not want to yield to Neymar, but rather intends to transfer, without waiting for next year and also, although willing to speak, does not want to delay the arrival of money.

In the French entity they paid 220 million for Neymar and the objective is to recover as much of the investment as possible. Although they know it is not easy. It seems that the operation has not been closed and the French club has been willing to enter other players with whom to lower the price.

The problem is the players: Coutinho is gone; Semedo does not want; Dembélé has just said that he doesn't want to leave and Rakitic doesn't like the exchange.

There are two weeks left and in Barcelona it is considered the first step, but it is complicated and more because Real Madrid is waiting to enter and try to sign Neymar.

The PSG wants money now because with the money obtained by Neymar intends to make a signing to replace him. There is talk of Dybala and that has made the Juve's letter open. But Barcelona is still interested and there may be another attempt.

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