Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

PSG and City feast on goals

They did not show even the smallest detail of mercy. Nor did anyone ask for it. PSG and Manchester City, just like Wolfsburg and Lyon did yesterday, have endorsed a car of goals to their rivals. There were two home wins, the PSG against Braga (0-7) and the Manchester City against Lugano 1976 (1-7). The rest of the matches of the day did not bring surprises, except the difficulties of Atlético de Madrid to get the victory. In their visit to Florence, the English champions take a comfortable 0-4 victory from Switzerland to London with two Mledema goals.

PSG's victory was clear in the first minutes, when Katoto scored 0-1. The same player scored 0-2 and, in the second half, would finish her ‘Hat-Trick’ scoring 0-5. It seemed that the game was not going to register more changes in the scoreboard, but Huitema had other plans and in the discount he scored 0-6 and 0-7.

The Manchester City win against Lugano 1976 also had its history. The English, who finished with a 68% possession, took the initiative at all times and came forward with a goal from Stanway. However, the Swiss, on an isolated day were able to score and go to rest with the score equalized to a goal.

After the resumption, the City players refined their game and started their own career to see how many goals they were able to score in 45 minutes. Luck was not elusive either, since in the 48th minute they found a penalty in favor that Mannion was responsible for transforming. Bremer, double; Campbell, Weir and Beckie set the score 1-6 and, when the discount time was up, Wullaert made the final 1-7.

These are all the results of the day played last Wednesday:

Fiorentina, 0 – Arsenal, 4

Anderlecht, 1 – BIIK-Kazygurt, 1

Sparta Subotica, 2 – Atlético de Madrid, 3

Braga, 0 – PSG, 7

Lugano 1976, 1 – Manchester City, 7

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