PSE sees "similarities" between More Country and United We Can, although Errejón is "more sensible and possible"

Speaking to Onda Vasca, collected by Europa Press, the socialist representative has analyzed the political situation in the State and the electoral call on November 10.

After defending that if a government of progress is wanted that "stops to the right, the reasonable thing is to reinforce the candidacy that has possibilities of winning", Pastor has stressed that for that reason in Euskadi also "the useful vote is to the PSOE".

In this way, he has framed in the context of the 10-N elections, "the sophlamas" of this Sunday in the Alderdi Eguna of the PNV, although he stressed that "after the fireworks, responsibility and country sense must prevail ".

As he has stressed, in recent weeks the socialist candidate Pedro Sánchez "has never thought of Cs" in the face of possible agreements, but has asked the Orange formation and the PP "an exercise of responsibility with a technical abstention." "Our intention is to form a government of progress and that is done with leftist parties," he added.

Likewise, and after considering that United We Can and More Country have "very clear similarities", he has warned that "probably Íñigo Errejón is somewhat closer to the ground and is more sensible". "It has made a difference and transferred a more possible and facilitating image of a progress agreement," he said.

On the other hand, he has warned that the polls reflect that the PP is "recovering vote" and are in a scenario in which "possible abstention by the left could give the possibility of a government of PP, Cs and Vox". "I get the creeps so that, with anger and if they want to cover their nose, but the vote is very important," he said.


Regarding the negotiations for the approval of the Basque Budget of 2020, Pastor stressed that it seems that Elkarrekin Podemos has left "an open door" to negotiation and "really want to become a useful party."

"The period of time ahead is not the best - to agree - because all are in electoral key, but on the part of the Socialists it will not stay. We seek country agreements and we will not veto anyone," he said. defended

Finally, he acknowledged that "if there is no" budgetary agreement, "it is possible that there will be an electoral advance." "That corresponds to the lehendakari. There was already a threat a few months ago, but we believe that the legislature can be exhausted ... In any case it would be in 2020 so the advance would be months, nothing more," he concluded.

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