July 25, 2021

“PSC and ERC are opposing and antagonistic forces”

ERC leader Oriol Junqueras insisted this Tuesday on putting up barriers to any possibility of the PSC and his party reaching an agreement after the elections. In an interview in the program Raw meat, Junqueras has indicated that it is “impossible” for the candidacies of Pere Aragonès and Salvador Illa to form a government after 14F. “We are opposing and antagonistic forces,” he said.

Dolors Sabater: "We need to get out of the mutual blaming loop that ERC and Junts have been installed in"

Dolors Sabater: “We need to get out of the loop of mutual accusations in which ERC and Junts have been installed”

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Junqueras has charged harshly against the socialists and has assured that they represent the “defense” of a “corrupt and decadent monarchy.” He has also assured that the PSC “embodies in many ways” a system “characterized by corruption for more than 40 years.” According to the ERC leader, the PSC is a much more “submissive” formation to “the interests of the powerful” and has recalled that Illa has refused to reject Vox’s votes in a hypothetical investiture.

During the interview, Junqueras insisted that his party wants to build bridges both with the Comuns and with the rest of the independence forces, although he did not want to clarify whether he would prefer to reach an agreement with the candidacy of Jéssica Albiach or with the one led by Laura You erase. “What we will do is agree with those of us who share the idea of ​​the referendum on self-determination and amnesty,” he said. “We ask that they stop vetoing each other and allow us to build a majority that allows us to move forward.”

Junqueras has not wanted to criticize either the accusations that the former president Carles Puigdemont made against him in his book or the words of Borràs in which he recalled that he is imprisoned for corruption. “I respect everyone and each one expresses himself as he thinks best,” replied the former vice president of the Generalitat. On the presidency of Quim Torra, he has indicated that he believes that it was “improvable in many aspects”.

Junqueras, who has avoided self-criticism – he has only admitted that he should “have spoken more with everyone” – has pointed out that ERC is the “most anti-fascist party in the history of Catalonia” and has vindicated the role of ERC militants both in the fight against Francoism as against the Nazis together with the French resistance.


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