March 9, 2021

PSA Vigo will work with two shifts from May 25 and with three, on June 1

The PSA Group factory in Vigo will work two shifts, morning and night, starting on May 25, and three from June 1 – morning, afternoon and night – on the two production lines it has the plant, company sources reported.

The management has transferred to the unions and workers the details of this return to activity in stages.

Likewise, it has reported that, in order to avoid crowds at the factory accesses, different shift start times will be established for the two systems, with an offset of one hour between both systems.

Management has also reminded workers that they must ensure that they do not have symptoms of coronavirus two weeks before their reinstatement at the factory.

For this, they must carry out a self-control and keep a written record of the data.

PSA Vigo resumed the activity on May 11 with the reincorporation of some 400 people for the preparation of the drawing, ironing and painting workshops, and two days later it began to operate with a single shift, that of tomorrow.

In it, a shift of 1,600 people has been working on both lines, to which the next week another of the same amount is relieved.

The company then reported that based on demand, in the following weeks it was expected that new work shifts could be activated, as it has just announced to the staff.

To start the activity, with one shift operation, PSA Vigo distributed among the work teams 80,000 masks, 5,000 face screens, 5,000 cans of hydroalcoholic gel for personal use, 3,000 glasses and 4,500 informative diptychs with sanitary regulations.


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