February 27, 2021

PSA Vigo will resume the activity this Monday and will start producing on Wednesday

The PSA Group factory in Vigo will resume activity this Monday with the preparation of its two production lines in the drawing, ironing and painting workshops, tasks that will be carried out by some 400 operators.

Two days later it will work in full with a single shift, tomorrow.

The activity in that single shift, of the three that usually operate in the Balaídos factory, will be rotated between two groups of 1,600 workers each week, sources from the French multinational detailed to Efe.

This factory is the driving force behind the automotive industry in Galicia, which employs around 20,000 people.

It stopped on March 18 and each day of inactivity translates into more than 2,000 units that have been discontinued.

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit the global automotive industry, the PSA Group’s rectors calculated that the Vigo plant would close 2020 with 600,000 assembled vehicles.

In fact, Vigo’s is the PSA factory that assembled for more brands of the French manufacturer: Citröen, Peugeot, Opel, Vauxhall and Toyota.

PSA Vigo has established a protocol to resume “quietly” and progressively the activity on the two production lines, as guaranteed by its director, Ignacio Bueno.

This protocol includes temperature control at the entrance to the center, as well as self-control of symptoms; supply of masks and hydroalcoholic gel; reinforcement of the signaling to respect the distance between people and the cleanliness of the premises, or the adjustment of rotations between work teams.

PSA Vigo has been applying a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) due to force majeure and has agreed with the unions SIT and UGT another one for organizational and production reasons that will only affect permanent labor personnel.

This second ERTE contemplates a maximum of 90 working days as suspension days and will take place in two phases.

A first for the resumption of activity, with progressive integration of the teams and compatible with the application of the reinforced prevention measures Covid-19 and isolation of people; and a second to be used on non-working days due to the reduction in vehicle sales until the end of the year.

The level of coverage will be 80% of the salary of the days of suspension plus the proportional part of extra payments, and 100% of the salary in vacations.

The ERTE establishes for the temporary personnel a minimum remuneration of 80 hours per month and the commitment that they have priority to be re-hired when there is activity if the one they have in force before 12 months is extinguished.

In recent days, unions have reported irregularities in the collection of benefits by the ERTE in force, since some of low or adjustment of working hours have charged them, and others to which it corresponds, no.

The company and the Public State Employment Service (SEPE) have reported that they are working to correct this dysfunction.


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