Provisional release for a young man accused of sexually assaulting a disabled woman 4 times - La Provincia

Provisional release for a young man accused of sexually assaulting a disabled woman 4 times - La Provincia

The Court of Instruction number 4 of San Cristobal de La Laguna, acting as guard last week, agreed on Friday February 15 the provisional release of a young man of 21 years as alleged perpetrator of four crimes of sexual assault supposedly consummated on a girl of the same age as her neighborhood, the polygon Padre Anchieta. The judicial authority agreed on a measure of distance from the researcher regarding the complainant.

The young woman, who suffer 48% intellectual disability, denounced in the Commissariat of the National Body of La Laguna, last Monday February 11, 2019, that the previous day, about 20:15 hours, had been sexually assaulted in a gate of the Polígono Padre Anchieta, in La Laguna, by two boys, one of them a minor.

Even though initially he could dodge the first attempt at the timely appearance of a neighbor, the attackers followed her and, according to her story, they managed to put her in a gate after removing her mobile phone.

The injured, after consulting with a friend and her mother, decided to report the facts, stating that the aforementioned had sexually assaulted her at least four times in the last year and a half or two., in addition to insulting her and banging her in a group outside of her home.

The young adult went to court on February 14 and his detention was extended until the next day, to proceed to the proceedings (receive a statement to the injured, forensic doctor and the testimony of the friend). After the practice of these proceedings, the provisional release of the detainee was agreed, and the measure of distance from the injured party and the prohibition of communicating with her.

A third boy, of legal age, was also summoned and received a statement as a researcher. According to the injured party, he had also sexually assaulted her one year and a half earlier, and no precautionary measure was agreed upon.

The proceedings were taken by the Number Four Court of Instruction, acting as guard, which after the practice of these initial proceedings was inhibited to the Court of Instruction Number Three by the date of facts.


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