Provisional prison for two young people accused of sexual assault in Valladolid

Image of the parking lot where the attack would have taken place. / R. JIMENEZ

The victims, aged 16 and 18, were tricked into riding in the detainees' car

Two 20-year-olds, who respond to the initials MK and MAT, have been arrested and sent to provisional prison without bail for a double sexual assault that would have occurred in the Valladolid town of Simancas. The events would have taken place during the night of Saturday around six in the morning, in an area near the bullring of the municipality where several bullfights have been held this Saturday as well as the performance of a macro-discotheque that attracted a large audience .

The two girls, 16 and 18 years old, were tricked by their aggressors so that they both got into the vehicle. The girls had gone to the municipality of Simancas and around four in the morning they decided it was time to return to Valladolid, but at that moment, the 20-year-old men approached the young women with the excuse of taking them to Valladolid in their car.

Once inside the vehicle, which was parked in the parking area of ​​the local bullring, both were sexually assaulted by those now detained. When the two managed to get out of the car, they sounded the alarm and were immediately assisted by several witnesses who were in the area and who immediately notified 112 and the Civil Guard.

Immediately, the protocol for care for victims of sexual assault was activated by the Zaratán Civil Guard Post, which reported the events to the EMUME Team of the Judicial Police Organic Unit of the Command.

Exploration and complaint

The young women were accompanied and transferred to the hospital, where both were treated urgently by health personnel and the forensic doctor, who certified the aggression that had occurred moments before in Simancas. After the exploration, the victims went to the Zaratán Civil Guard barracks, around 12:45 p.m. on Sunday, to file the corresponding complaint and provide the physical description of the perpetrators, as well as the necessary data to help to the investigation, at the same time that a meticulous ocular inspection was carried out to collect biological samples and traces for their contribution to the proceedings, they explain from the Government sub-delegation.

Citizen collaboration through telephone calls facilitated the investigation of the vehicle

Citizen collaboration through telephone calls to the 112 Emergency Services and the Civil Guard, in addition to the testimonies provided to the agents, made it possible to find a license plate that facilitated the identification of the vehicle, which was finally located in the early afternoon. Sunday. Thanks to the collaboration and coordination with the Local Police and the National Police through the exchange of information from the respective operations rooms, the agents found the vehicle with several occupants, of which one of them coincided with the physical descriptions given by the victims.

Subsequent investigations also facilitated the location and arrest of the second author of the facts. Once arrested, MK and MAT were transferred to the Civil Guard Command of Valladolid to clarify the facts. The two men were arrested on Sunday afternoon and after spending this Monday in court, their entry into provisional prison without bail has been decreed.

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