Provisional prison for the mother of children murdered in Godella | Society

Provisional prison for the mother of children murdered in Godella | Society

The holder of the Court of Instruction number 4 of Paterna (Valencia) has decreed this Sunday the admission in provisional prison, communicated and without bail, for the mother of the two children found dead last Thursday in the Valencian locality of Godella as suspicious of the crime, as reported by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV). Only 24 hours before, the magistrate agreed to transfer the father of the two minors to the nearby prison of Picassent, one of whom was three years old and the other five months.

The instructor has gone to the hospital center Sunday where the girl was admitted to the psychiatric unit to take a statement and in half an hour agreed to the prison after the girl refused to testify. María Gombau, 27 years old, is investigated, as well as his partner - who yesterday Saturday also accepted his right not to declare -, for two crimes of murder. The case remains under summary secrecy.

The woman was transferred to the hospital in Llíria two days ago to undergo a specialist examination to determine if she was in a mental condition to give a statement, without prejudice to the fact that in the future and if requested by the judicial authority, it could be subjected to new tests, by forensic doctors, in order to assess their imputability.

The father of the two minors, Gabriel Carvajal, arrived yesterday, early in the morning, at the court that instructed the case and, once the coroner evaluated him and ruled that he was in a position to testify, he was interrogated by the magistrate. He chose not to declare given that the case is under summary secrecy. A lawyer by trade was in charge of assisting him and the defender of Gombau was also present.

The autopsy performed on minors found dead and buried on Thursday, inside and in the vicinity of the house where they lived illegally, suggests that they died due to the blows received, sources related to the research point.

After four hours of interrogation, the mother indicated to the Civil Guard investigators the graves where the children were buried, in two separate points. Since 2017, the young woman received psychiatric treatment at the Godella health center and research sources suggest that the woman may have suffered a schizophrenic psychotic outbreak the night of the deaths.


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