Protests in Malaga by a 3-year-old teacher who refuses to wear a mask

Protest in Gaucín by a teacher who refuses to wear a mask.

Protest in Gaucín by a teacher who refuses to wear a mask.
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Around fifty fathers and mothers of students from the Guzmán el Bueno de Gaucín Early Childhood and Primary Education School, a mountain municipality of just over 1,500 inhabitants, have gathered this morning at the gates of the center to protest the situation of the tutor of a class of three-year-olds who refuses to wear the mask.

Parents protest because These are three-year-old children, which is the first time they go to school and those who have had to get used to using the mask “so that now a teacher comes and does not use it,” explains Melania Hidalgo, mother of a pupil.

“At the beginning of the year they told us that there was no teacher for three-year-olds and later they told us that there was but that he did not use a mask “, Melania Hidalgo explains.

Apparently they explain parents, the teacher has a medical certificate that exempts him from using face mask “but that clashes with the regulations Covid school, which prohibits anyone from entering the center without a mask“explains the mother.

The mayor of Gaucín, Pedro Godino, support the neighbors. “After all we have fought against the virus, that the teachers have had to be strict with the students to avoid contagion and that they have not only had to abide by the rules but also teach with the windows open last winter, it can’t be that this happens “, explains the alderman.

For Pedro Godino, the teacher must assume his responsibility with his students and if not, the Delegation must find the legal loophole to replace him even if he is not on sick leave “because this person is a risk for the students and for the rest of the teachers. Here we had a neighbor who did not want to be vaccinated, he caught the virus, and in less than a month he died. AND we do not want that to happen again, and less to our children “, the councilor has explained to this newspaper.

The Education Delegation has stated to Malaga Opinion, a newspaper belonging to the same communication group as this medium, which “is studying the situation and the documentation provided by it together with the Ministry of Health and Families. However, the educational center has taken preventive measures whose The teacher is not in direct contact with the students. “

Parents explain that by removing the teacher who refuses to wear the mask from their teaching duties, they are the support teachers who are taking over the three-year-old class.

“The management of the center tells us that this teacher has his place at the school and as he is not on sick leave, they cannot send a substitute. His class is being attended by the support teachers, but by focusing his schedule on three-year-olds they are not giving support classes to other school children who need it “, Melania Hidalgo explains.

Asked about this situation, the Education Delegation responds: “I repeat, the situation is being studied. “


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