March 1, 2021

Protests in France for an increasingly deadly sexist violence

The increase in sexist crimes in France, with 74 crimes recorded since the beginning of the year, has led to protests by associations of families and feminist organizations, which together with many parliamentarians are calling for urgent measures.

Several hundred people gathered on Saturday in the Republic Square to demand the president, Emmanuel Macron, and his government to mobilize more measures against this phenomenon, called in particular by relatives of women murdered by their partners or former colleagues.

"How much do you think a woman's life is worth in 2019 in France," asked actress Muriel Robin, who has long put her notoriety at the service of that cause and is the most visible head of the movement. .

"Feminism does not kill anyone, machismo kills every day" was one of the main messages of the banners of this concentration, which also took the word activists of the feminist movement as Caroline de Haas.

The Facebook page "Feminicides by partners or ex" is the one that keeps the accounts of the 74 women killed by sexist violence since January 1st.

The last of these murders occurred on Friday in Perpignan. She was 32 years old and the mother of four children aged 9, 7, 3 and year, three of whom were present at the family home when the event occurred. The alleged perpetrator of the crime, in his forties, is in custody.

These statistics indicate that it is a growing phenomenon, since according to the Ministry of the Interior, in 2017, 130 and 123 were murdered in 2016.

Muriel Robin was shocked this Saturday by the escalation and warned that at this rate will reach the threshold of 140 in 2019: "is abominable."

The actress denounced the "abandonment" by the authorities and complained that in recent months they have done nothing but show interest in the electronic wristband, but without its widespread use to threatened women.

They have also questioned the head of state more than 150 senators, who in an article published this Friday in "Libération" they demand that he fulfill the promise to make that issue a political priority of his mandate.

And after confirming that "in this area our country skates instead of moving forward", the senators insist that "overcoming this plague is above all a matter of financial and human resources".

They complain that the electronic bracelets promised by the Justice Minister, Nicole Belloubet, "should have been available, in large numbers for a long time" and require magistrates, police and specialized gendarmes throughout the territory, as well as emergency residences for women.

In a parallel line, de Haas presented a list of five immediate measures that the Macron government should implement before the summer holidays.

The first of all, systematic protection for threatened women. To illustrate the insufficient character of the measures that are currently dictated, the militant feminist noted that there are only 1,300 each year in France, when in Spain they are more than 20,000.

In a message on her Twitter account, the Secretary of State for Equality between Women and Men, Marlène Schiappa, showed her solidarity with the protesters, said she shares the anger of the victims and the families to whom she guaranteed support in his struggle and "the determination of the Government".

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