Sun. Nov 17th, 2019

Protests for sentencing arrive at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt, Frankfurt. How nice it is to first arrive at the book Fair largest in the world and feel tiny in the pavilions. It is like the first time in New York or the Louvre, places impossible to finish in a single day and that make our senses shatter, always for good. With 7,400 exhibitors from 104 countries -Which stop? -, everyone comes to Frankfurt, from large multinational groups based in Manhattan to a newly graduated boy who has just set up an editorial in his Bogota apartment. All the agents of the world come, who occupy their small negotiating tables where they celebrate speed dates with publishers

The only one with its own stand is Andrew Wylie, aka

Jackal, and there is a line to shake your hand, as if it were the page of the Magi. Although the star of the fair is the Polish Olga
Tokarczuk, brand new and radiant Nobel Prize, who holds the record of selfies – at least, until Margaret Atwood arrives on Saturday. In the cocktail that Tokarczuk gave yesterday afternoon, there was more than half an hour of waiting to greet her, which made her Spanish editor Silvia Sesé give up, who was in a hurry to reach the triple anniversary celebration –Anagram, Tusquets and Quaderns Cream– which took place in a hall of Hall 5. “I am used to being the bad girl in my country – I was joking, or not, Tokarczuk – and that is why this year I do not care if that role has fallen to the other laureate, Peter Handke"

Indie expansion

Blackie Books opens editorial in Italy translating Santiago Lorenzo and Irene Solà

Distracted by one of the halls, reading in his tablet, Jan Martí, owner of the independent Barcelona Blackie Books. What's up, Jan? It happens that “at the end of January 2020 we opened an editorial in Italy, Blackie Edizioni, based in Milan. We will publish 15 titles a year, starting with Gli schifosi (The filthy ones) from Santiago Lorenzo and Canto io e la montagna balla by Irene Solà. We will not just translate Blackie Books titles. ”

On the street, under some yellow umbrellas, a group of several dozen protesters asks, in Catalan, German and English, "freedom for Catalan political prisoners." Inside, the stand of the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) has suspended the evening champagne glass for the events in Barcelona, ​​for which everyone asks. We see Iolanda Batallé, director of the IRL, who comes out to meet with the director of the London book fair, Jacks Thomas. Mmm … what were they doing? “They have designated us – he responds – as spotlight, or ‘outstanding culture’ for the 2021 edition. ” Catalunya in London in March and then, in October of that year, Spain here, in Frankfurt. That's why we see the logo of Spain 2021, under which Acción Cultural Española (AC / E, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) launches a new aid plan for translations of Spanish works into languages ​​considered “strategic” such as English, German, French, Dutch and Italian .

Blood comes to the greyhound

Gabo's grandson debuts in the novel with a junkie willing to die of overdose

The book of the fair, this year, is one that is not yet written, which has already sold its author, Bill Gates, How to avoid climate disaster, for some millionaire figures, and that in Spain Penguin Random House has remained. As has also been done with the rights of the criminal trilogy Age of Vice of the Indian Deepti Kappor, the most contested fiction title, along with Le ghetto intérieur of Franco-Argentine Santiago Amigorena (cousin of Martín Caparrós and former couple of actresses Julie Gayet and Juliette Binoche), a work that has fallen into the basket of PRH and Edicions 62. Núria Cabutí, who is asked a lot about the Planet, He tells whoever wants to hear it that Javier Cercas already told him last December. Maribel Luque, literary director of the Balcells agency, says that Cercas has not left Random, which is just “a little canita on the air”.

Editorial Secrets

The total amount paid to Cercas by the Planet is close to one million euros

In Anagrama, foreign publishers ask a lot about the first novel by García Márquez's grandson – and, by the mother, by Mexican writer Salvador Elizondo – Mateo García Elizondo, who will publish in late October A date with the Lady, the story of a junkie who travels from Mexico City to a small town willing to end his life from an overdose. Those who have read it find "echoes of Juan Rulfo and William Burroughs."

To meet with his world publishers, Ken Follett has rented a space of the Frankfurter Hof hotel and there he announced the publication, in September 2020, of The evening and the morning, prequel to The pillars of the earth.

In the mists of that mythical hotel where everything is cooked, we continue talking about Fences. Connoisseurs of the negotiations of the last prize Planet, very – but very – reliable people, ensure that the winner has charged an amount close to one million euros, much more than the 601,000 of which the prize officially consists, and that the finalist, Manuel Vilas, in turn has pocketed an even greater revaluation of the 150,000 announced up to nearly half a million.

Last night, in Frankfurt, some sang in the rain.

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