Protests before the Dominican electoral body arrive on the eighth day

Santo Domingo, Feb. 24 (Efe) .- On the eighth day of protests in front of the Dominican Central Electoral Board (JCE) for the suspension of municipal elections on February 16, hundreds of people gathered again on Monday to demand explanations about what happened on the frustrated election day.

On this occasion the square where the JCE is located, whose accesses are cut off to traffic, was much less crowded than in previous days after the break this Sunday, a day in which the promoters of the protest decided to take a break so as not to contaminate their Apartidist mobilization with the march carried out by opposition formations.

Despite the decrease in the number of protesters, the Plaza de la Bandera, heavily guarded by security agents, remains the point where young Dominicans go to make themselves heard, even more so today, thanks to a new initiative that puts microphone and speakers, donated for the cause, to anyone who wants to tell why it is there, just as a handmade poster invites.

Carla Faxas is one of those responsible for this way of giving voice to youth and, as she explained to Efe, for her "it was very important that everyone felt that she could speak, that she could give an opinion, give ideas and educate others A protest without a spokesperson and without education makes no sense. This protest brought us all together, so let's hear each other, let's hear everyone who is here. "

Civics has been the predominant note in these days of protest in which the film director José María Cabral has been present every day, who is preparing a "spontaneous" documentary about the electoral processes of this 2020.

As the filmmaker explained to Efe, he is receiving a lot of material via email ([email protected]) that will help him set up this project that “is still being defined” and that aims to show the whole process since the October primary elections.

"It is a very arduous project because there are many things, but I think it is very necessary. So we hope that people continue to come and that this demonstration does not stop by February 27".

For that date, independence day and the presidential accountability speech, in this case the last one that the Dominican president, Danilo Medina will deliver, is preparing a massive mobilization in which the organizers expect the Plaza de la Bandera to be overflow

"This place is going to overflow with people there are going to be many people united by democracy ... We wake up," Cabral said.

While the Dominican youth were demonstrating during the week, the ruling party and the opposition have blamed each other for the alleged sabotage that created problems in the automated voting system and led to the suspension of the elections, which will be held on March 15 and those that will follow Congress and presidential elections on May 17.

With the aim of reaching the elections with a calmer climate, political actors and different sectors of society are now committed to a national dialogue that helps to alleviate this electoral and political crisis.


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