February 28, 2021

Protests against the official investigation of the eviction of camping in Khartoum

Hundreds of Sudanese have demonstrated today after yesterday the results of an official investigation into the eviction of the protest camp were announced last June 3 in Khartoum, which according to the Prosecutor General's Office killed 87 people but the opposition raise that figure to 130.

The Association of Sudanese Professionals, the main organizer of the mobilizations in the streets, including camping in front of the Army headquarters, today spread through its Facebook page images of the small demonstrations in various parts of the capital and other areas of Sudan .

In addition, the group of independent unions reported in a statement that security forces have dispersed hundreds of protesters with tear gas next to the headquarters of the Association in East Khartoum.

According to the note, several marches converged there to deliver proposals on the constitutional declaration that the parties and civil groups are negotiating with the military authorities at the moment.

The Association assured that "the forces of the Military Council" charged the participants, in reference to the military board that governs Sudan since the overthrow of President Omar al Bashir on April 11.

The dictator was removed from power by the generals after almost four months of street protests led by this union, which built a camp at the gates of the Army headquarters to request his intervention.

The camp remained standing after the march of Al Bashir and for almost two months, until security forces stormed it on June 3 and opened fire on the protesters, and burned their tents and equipment, according to witnesses.

Yesterday, the Attorney General's Office announced that it will take legal action against nine senior officers for "crimes against humanity" for their role in the eviction, but did not specify whether they belong to the Rapid Support Forces (FAR), which were accused by the assault opposition.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, at least 87 people died and 168 were injured that day, but the Association raised the number to 130 dead and recalled yesterday that there are still about 40 missing.

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