April 20, 2021

Protest of aeronautics in Argentina causes delays and cancellation of flights

A protest by the unions of pilots and cabin crew of Argentina for the problems that, according to denounce, crosses the commercial aviation sector caused this Friday the cancellation and delay in the departure of at least forty flights in Buenos Aires.

The protest was called by the Association of Air Line Pilots (Apla) and the Argentine Aircraft Association (cabin crew), whose members carry out assemblies at the airport of domestic and regional flights of Buenos Aires and in the morning of today. Ezeiza international airport, outside the capital and the main one of Argentina.

Due to these assemblies in both airports about forty flights that had to leave were canceled or suffered delays in a day of intense activity at the gates of a long weekend for the holidays of Monday and next Tuesday.

Only in the case of state-owned Aerolineas Argentinas, the measure affected thirty flights and some 5,000 passengers, the company said in a statement.

The union of pilots said in a statement that the assemblies were called by the "crisis" of the local commercial market that "is getting worse day by day".

"Today all the national companies (state or private) have their balances in red.Today the pilots who lose our labor source do not have reinsertion in the country.Today the aviation commercial system is unsustainable under these circumstances," said the union.

The pilots questioned the policy towards the sector launched three and a half years ago by the government of Argentine President Mauricio Macri, who will seek re-election in October.

This policy, which the Executive calls the "aircraft revolution", has involved the entry into the local market of several low-cost airlines, lower ticket prices and the opening of new domestic, regional and international routes.

The union says that this policy focuses on the number of passengers transported but "is destroying the Argentinean aviation industry."

In his statement, he referred to the situation that some companies are going through, such as Avianca Argentina, which, according to Apla, has suspended its operations and does not pay its workers' salaries "for months".

Meanwhile, the local Andes, "after returning all of its Boeing 737 fleet, is operating with only three planes and is continuing with a plan of disguised dismissals with which it has already reduced its crew of 83 to 57 colleagues."

The union also denounced that the state airline Aerolíneas Argentinas will end 2019 with 200 fewer pilots and deprogramming 30% of its long-range fleet "as part of the shrinkage of the international area."

He also pointed out that Latam Argentina, "after years of promises of growth, not only remains alien to the expansion" that the group had but "now seeks to flexibilize working conditions with a proposal of 19 changes to the collective bargaining agreement."

For his part, Alejandro Kogan, deputy secretary of the Aircraftmen's Association, accused the government of "permanently favoring low cost companies that come to flexibilize and precarize the aeronautical workers, opening or trying to open the skies so that the competition in Argentina is indiscriminate. "

Before the measure of union action, the Argentine Minister of Transport, Guillermo Dietrich, criticized the protest and linked it to political issues.

"This affects thousands of passengers, and coincidentally, these measures are always chosen at times when they can complicate people's lives a lot.Today many are planning to travel by plane for a long weekend," the minister said in radio statements. .

Dietrich linked the Apla with the Kirchnerism and said that this opposition sector "makes politics" affecting "the rights of people who want to live without problems."

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