May 27, 2020

Protest in Teaching against the tutors' deficit for the final degree projects – La Provincia

One hundred students of the Social Education degree of the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria yesterday they concentrated on the campus of the Obelisk in protest at the lack of teachers to tutor all the demand for the final degree projects (TFG); and for the existence of unassigned practices in the case of some colleagues. The protest, which included the non-attendance of classes throughout the morning, resulted in a meeting with the Vice Chancellor for Students and Sports, Antonio Ramos Gordillo, who guaranteed, by the ULPGC that all students will have tutor for their work .

The convening students highlighted the main problem as the fear of classmates in the fourth grade who do not have a teacher assigned to be directed by the TFG. "They told us that they were going to give us a talk in October about it, but they have suspended it until January, because apparently each teacher could attend ten or twelve students for the TFG and now they are two students per teacher. If we have a class of 65 students and six teachers, only 12 students will be entitled to TFG and the rest we have to wait a year, "said the students first thing in the morning.

They assured that their current teachers "do not have the time or capacity to serve so many students", and request that the teaching staff be expanded to cover the needs of all students.

Students also expressed concern that the final degree project cannot be directed by part-time professors, a circumstance that would reduce the list of potential candidates to lead their project. "We do not have a list with the accredited professors to direct the works, nor of the collaborators, which will be a mess for both students," they said. Circumstance that both the Vice Chancellor and the Dean of the Center denied, highlighting that it is the result of misinformation, since part-time teachers can direct the work if it is the student's choice.

On the practices of the degree, they indicated that, while there are classmates who have already started them, there is a group that still waits for a center to be assigned to be able to carry them out. "We are 65 students per class, in the four courses of the degree, and the subject of the practices worries us because today, we have not been informed to everyone where we are going to do it. And we know that this situation does not only affect Social Education, there are companions of Infantile Education, and of other qualifications that are suffering the same situation ", underlined.


Finally they recalled the need for infrastructure such as the Humanities cafeteria, which has been closed for two years. "The theme of the cafeteria for the Campus of the Obelisk we have been demanding for years. In our classroom of Santa Teresa de Jesus, for example, there are more than 300 students who have two vending machines that we can use between class and class, because it's six hours at a stretch, but it's not the same as having a cafeteria, like the one before, with higher quality products and a greater variety in the offer, "said the students, who expect this course already They can count on such infrastructure.

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