Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

protest for default and the opponent gets two goals

The UANL Tigers, Mexican soccer champions, defeated the Sharks of 1-3 on Friday Veracruz that were allowed to score a couple of goals in the first four minutes as a way of protest why they have not been paid their salary. In one of the most shameful realities in the history of the league, the “felines” of Brazilian coach Ricardo Ferretti won with annotations from Luis Rodríguez, Frenchman Andre Pierre Gignac and Chilean Eduardo Vargas. The Veracruz discounted at the last minute with a target of the Englishman Colin Kazim Richards.

In the middle of the week the players of the squalor team promised not to play, but were bound by the National Federation not to lose the category; they went to the field but offered no resistance in the initial minutes and received goals from Luis Rodriguez (m.3) and French André Pierre Gignac (m.4), in shots from behind. In a situation halfway between the pain and the scandal, the Sharks passed from the half of the court just in the fifth minute, however they remained defeated and in the eight minute they received the third blow, a right-handed shot of the Chilean Eduardo Vargas.

The substitutes of Veracruz insulted Gignac and Vargas when they passed through the band, which made the gray spectacle more unfortunate

The Veracruz players had agreed with the opponent that they were not going to touch the ball for several minutes and showed anger at the two goals received that they interpreted as disloyalty from the opponent, caused the local players to put their legs in tight plays. Tigres was close to increasing the lead with an arrival of Vargas on a Gignac pass in the 20th minute. Goalkeeper Sebastian Jurado saved the ball in the first outstanding action of the home team.

In 27 Jesus Dueñas stomped the Argentine Daniel Villalba and was expelled and Tigres stayed with one less man on the court. The Veracruz banking players offended Gignac and Vargas when they passed through the band, which made the gray show more unfortunate. In the second half the two teams had opportunities and it was Veracruz who discounted in the 90th minute with a goal from English Colin Kazim Richards to Jesus Henestrosa.

In the end, some figures from Veracruz refused to shake hands with those of Tigres, an unhappy ending for one of the most controversial games in Mexican football history. With the result the UANL Tigers jumped to third place with six wins, five draws, two losses and 23 points, while Veracruz, which reached 40 games without winning, was confirmed in the last place with four draws and nine defeats.

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