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The priority in any business is that it works well and generates profitability. There are many factors that influence a good result: the moment of the cycle, the management, the interest of the client ... But have you ever considered that having insurance is also decisive for your balance?

To situate yourself, it is convenient to review a series of data. In 2020, 18,500 robberies were committed in businesses nationwide that were compensated by insurance, according to the report Thefts in shops in 2020 prepared by Unespa, the sector's employers' association. Last year was atypical - he recalls that the pandemic began and there was confinement - and even so the thieves acted more; In 2019, the number of thefts was 15,900.

Soria, Palencia and Salamanca were the provinces in which the thefts occurred in businesses with the greatest impact during the past year, since the indemnities by the insurance were between 1,800 euros and 2,300 euros. But the stores located on the outskirts of Madrid are the ones most likely to be visited by thieves, as are smaller towns.

Not having adequate insurance can ruin a business in adverse situations

A business is not only exposed to thieves. Think of a fire, a leak, a glass break due to vandalism, a flood, a theft of computer equipment ... What would happen if this happens? "The risk of not having insurance can lead to the ruin, indebtedness and even disappearance of the business itself, or at least, the paralysis of the activity and the economic impact that this may entail by not being properly protected against any eventuality may arise in the development of the activity ”, assures Arturo López Linares, from Axa.

Better not risk, right?

López Linares explains what you must do to achieve the most complete coverage: “Both the elements of the premises and the activity must be taken into account; in this way, the possible consequences that may arise are included and it is ensured that they have the level of protection appropriate to the needs of the client and the business ”.

The work of the mediator is essential; it will help you make the best decision. “When you have a business it is very important to have coverage on all sides of the business, both in the physical part (protection of the premises), where the classic multi-risk coverage comes into play (fire, water damage, theft, emergency services (locksmiths, security ...), as in the less physical part, related to the activity of the trade in question. As clear examples here we refer to guarantees of civil liability, legal protection or loss of profit due to a covered claim " , adds López Linares.

Do not think about having more or less security, but "about having an offer adapted and adequate to the needs". The Axa expert explains it with an example: “A restaurant serves food, handles perishable food, works with fire…, and does not need the same guarantees and coverage as a hairdresser, which can cause an injury to a client, or have problems due to the use of dyes ...

AXA has solutions adapted to each type of client and activity, and also offers individualized solutions. For example, you have emergency care in less than three hours, a personalized service with a mediator, and all repairs are guaranteed by the company. It is flexible and modular.

In general, the most frequent damages in shops are those caused by water, broken glass, problems in machinery and theft. After the pandemic, the incidences have varied somewhat. The AXA expert confirms that there have been more cases of water - although the Filomena effect that led to major problems in Madrid must be taken into account - and there have also been fewer vandalism and vehicle collisions due to less mobility.

Another consequence of the appearance of the Coronavirus is the boom in trade on-line. “The growth in internet sales and in the product offering increases the exposure to risk. We must raise awareness and protect our clients against this situation, ”asserts Arturo López Linares.

The uncertainty generated by the Covid19 has made the consultations made by AXA clients to the legal advice service throughout 2020 on consumer issues and scams on-line grow 600%. "The cancellation of trips and events, claims to airlines and travel agencies, the return of tuition or monthly fees for the closure of academies, gyms ... were the main concerns of customers," says the expert. Likewise, "there was also a boom in legal advice on the measures to be taken by businesses in the face of the health alarm situation, schedules, capacity and organization of staff.

Arturo López Linares wants to insist on the importance, today, "of having specialized insurance, not only to face the economic consequences that many businesses are suffering," but also to advise, accompany and protect you in development of the commercial activity ”.

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