Protect minors from sexist violence, in Out of the Plane

Presenters of the RTVC program & # 039; Out of the Plane & # 039 ;.

Presenters of the RTVC program 'Out of the Plane'.

The Canary Islands are still shocked by what happened with little Anna and Olivia, victims of sexist violence. A violence that, in any of its forms, affects 1.6 million minors in Spain when living in homes where it is physically and psychologically exercised on their mothers and that will be analyzed this Thursday in Out of plane.

The program will interview the clinical psychologist Sonia Vaccaro, who first coined the term vicarious violence in 2012, to address the initial signs that warn about this type of aggression and the damage that the abuser inflicts on the most vulnerable: children.

On the other hand, Out of plane will address the evolution of the pandemic and the irruption of the Indian variant, now called Delta, which worries epidemiologists by revealing 60% more contagious and doubling the risk of hospitalization.

Although in Spain it only represents 1% of diagnosed cases, the high incidence of this strain in the United Kingdom - which has forced that country to delay its de-escalation - has put Spanish specialists who request to speed up vaccination on notice.

In addition, the program will analyze whether achieving 70% of vaccinated will allow to achieve herd immunity since several experts question it, as well as the announcements from the Government of Spain about a "prompt" withdrawal of the use of masks outdoors.

Out of plane It will also broadcast 'Smile, please', a report dedicated to the circumstances that make us happy and that will show what physiologically causes happiness in us, how we define it and what factors help us to perceive it. The Canary Islands, according to the INE, is the sixth autonomous community where we are most satisfied with our lives.


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