January 28, 2021

Prosur agrees to protect its borders and facilitate the return of its nationals by COVID-19

The countries that make up the Forum for the Progress of South America (Prosur) agreed on Monday to protect the borders in a “coordinated and effective way” and to facilitate the return of nationals to their respective countries as preventive measures to face the coronavirus pandemic. .

This was confirmed by the Chilean Presidency, which temporarily holds the group’s leadership, after the videoconference between leaders of the different countries that are part of Prosur.

The Chilean Sebastián Piñera and the leaders Alberto Fernández, from Argentina; Jeanine Áñez, from Bolivia; Iván Duque, from Colombia; Lenin Moreno, from Ecuador; Mario Abdo Benítez, from Paraguay; Martín Vizcarra, from Peru; Luis Lacalle Pou, from Uruguay; and the Brazilian Foreign Minister, Ernesto Araujo.

The virtual meeting between authorities responds to the need of the States to carry out joint tasks in the region to combat the increase in infections that have occurred in recent days in South America.

In addition, they agreed to promote joint purchases of medical supplies to access better conditions since they all share the same health needs in terms of prevention and action against confirmed cases.

They will also coordinate with regional multilateral financial organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Development Bank of Latin America-CAF.

Together with the foreign and health ministers, the presidents agreed to keep a constant communication channel open to share information from their respective countries regarding the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Monday that the American continent currently accounts for 4,545 cases of COVID-19 and 73 deaths, with the United States as the most affected country, well above the rest (3.0503 positive cases).

The total global cases of COVID-19 amounts to about 165,000, and after China, with 81,000, the most affected countries are Italy (24,700), Iran (13,900), South Korea (8,100) and Spain, although Spanish authorities have Announced that the number of infected people now amounts to 8,744 people, which places it ahead of the South Korean country.


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