Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Prosecutor of Peru investigates mayor who raised a city "free of Venezuelans

Prosecutor of Peru investigates mayor who raised a city "free of Venezuelans

The Prosecutor's Office of Peru opened on Monday an investigation against the provincial mayor of the Andean city of Huancayo, Henry Lopez, for having announced that he was going to issue an ordinance to declare his town "free of Venezuelans."

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The official information indicated that López will be investigated in a preliminary manner for the alleged commission of the crime of discrimination and incitement to discrimination against Venezuelan immigrants.

This investigation has been opened ex officio and will be in charge of the Third Provincial Criminal Criminal Office of Huancayo, in charge of Henry Gonzales Rivera.

The mayor of Huancayo, capital of the Junín region and one of the main cities in the center of the country, announced that the ordinance he is preparing includes taking the police "so that he can deport" any Venezuelan citizen he finds in the streets without a permit. of ordinary residence.

Lopez blamed the "growing and uncontrolled" presence of Venezuelans in their city of increased informality, outpatient trade and acts of vandalism.

After knowing that information, the Ministry of Culture of Peru considered this Sunday that these approaches are inadmissible in a democratic state and respectful of fundamental rights.

Therefore, it rejected any act of discrimination and xenophobia and urged all authorities to promote a culture of peace based on solidarity and harmonious coexistence, which favors the integration of migrants.

The controversial statements of the mayor were also answered by Carlos Scull, the ambassador to Peru of the leader of the National Assembly (parliament) of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, whom more than 50 countries recognize as the interim president of the country.

"The vast majority of Venezuelans are working people who escape a humanitarian crisis caused by Maduro's criminal regime, what they want is to work, to support their families and bring the best of them to the development of Peru, which is a country friend ", wrote Scull in social networks.

The Venezuelan Union NGO in Peru, headed by former Venezuelan Óscar Pérez, rejected any discrimination campaign and publicly requested a meeting with the mayor of Huancayo on Saturday to discuss integration and social development projects.

Peru is the second country that most Venezuelans have received in the last two years, hosting more than 700,000 of the 3.4 million that the UN estimates have left their country in the past two years because of the political, economic crisis and humanitarian that crosses the country governed by Nicolás Maduro.


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