October 24, 2020

Prosecutor Navajas apologizes for giving fuel to “flatly false” publications about his partner in the case Dina

The number two of the Prosecutor’s Office, Luis Navajas, has written a letter of public apology to his partner in the Villarejo case, Ignacio Stampa. The lieutenant prosecutor took for certain a relationship between the prosecutor and a lawyer from Podemos in two interviews granted last September, in which he said that Stampa should have been immediately removed from the investigation. Navajas writes now knows that those posts are “outright false”.

The script twist of Lieutenant (prosecutor) Navajas

The script twist of Lieutenant (prosecutor) Navajas

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The lieutenant prosecutor of the Supreme Court describes his own statements to Onda Cero and Okdiario as “extremely unfortunate.” In the letter, to which elDiario.es has had access, Navajas acknowledges that they were “reckless” and adds: “At that time I limited myself to echoing previous journalistic publications that I now know were flatly false as regards Mr. Stampa Fuente they meant, without making the checks to which I was bound by my position. ”

The number two of the Prosecutor’s Office, the first prosecutor of the race, answered the questions of the aforementioned media that took the aforementioned relationship for certain, according to some allusions that the lawyer herself writes in an internal chat of Podemos and that she herself clarifies in the opposite direction in another conversation. Podemos exercises the popular accusation in the Villarejo case and the aforementioned lawyer represented Pablo Iglesias and Dina Bousselham in the Dina piece. “When I found out I was disgusted, I vomited,” Navajas said in one of the interviews.

In his letter, which is dated October 15, Lieutenant Prosecutor Navajas assures: “I have privately asked Mr. Stampa Fuente’s apologies, which have been fully accepted, apologies that I now want to make public through this document of which the Mr. Stampa can make whatever use he thinks is most convenient “.

The prosecutor Stampa has presented the document signed by Navajas before the Tax Inspection and the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office. The latter follows investigative procedures following a complaint filed by the far-right party Vox against Stampa based on the same information that Lieutenant Prosecutor Navajas describes as “flatly false.” Vox’s complaint activated criminal proceedings and caused the internal investigation to be stopped of the head of the Fiscal Inspection, who has already filed on two other occasions complaints filed against the prosecutor Stampa, one of the two members of the Public Ministry, who investigates more than thirty orders to the criminal organization presumably led by Commissioner Villarejo.

In the same interviews that Navajas gave in September, the lieutenant prosecutor denounced pressure from colleagues on the Supreme Court to report in favor of the complaints against the government for the management of the health crisis. The number two of the Public Ministry has not changed that statement about his colleagues in the Supreme Court, which caused the State Attorney General’s Office to open an internal investigation.


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