Prosecutor asks for remand permanent jail for 'el Chicle' for the murder of Diana Quer | Galicia

Prosecutor asks for remand permanent jail for 'el Chicle' for the murder of Diana Quer | Galicia

"Brunette, come here." The phrase that own Diana Quer he got to write by WhatsApp to a friend of Madrid minutes before he cut his communication forever in the early hours of August 22, 2016 was, effectively, what the prosecutor said the case The gum when he noticed her and approached her in a dark place. It was about 2.28 hours of that last night of patron festivities in A Pobra. He was aboard his wife's gray silver Alfa Romeo 166 and she no longer had two miles to go home, when she returned alone to the family villa she had been vacationing since she was a child. José Enrique Abuín Gey, "aware that no one could help her", took advantage of "a secluded park area, unpopulated and poorly lit, with abandoned ships" to "follow her in her car, slowly and without losing sight of her, stalking her until she reaches the most appropriate place". Its aim, defends in the writing of provisional conclusions the public ministry, was "to aggress it sexually".

So much so, that after gagging her and tying her with hand and foot bridles he put her in the trunk and took her directly to an old abandoned ship, Muebles MR, where he had "assiduously" entered to steal and knew "perfectly" that there was still "beds and mattresses in disuse, suitable for their libidinous purposes". "It was the perfect place to consummate his act of raping her," concludes the prosecutor, who claims for the defendant permanent prison reviewable for the murder of Diana Quer, in addition to 12 years for sexual assault and 20 for illegal detention of the girl of 18 years . The victim's family will also claim permanent imprisonment for the man who, from the beginning, has acknowledged being the author of the girl's death (although he has always defended it involuntarily) and who continues to deny sexual assault. The case will be seen by a popular jury probably in the last quarter of 2019, in the Sixth Section of the Provincial Court of A Coruña, based in Santiago.

When he approached her in that dark and lonely corner of A Pobra, El Chicle "jumped violently on Diana" and reduced her without her being able to defend herself. She removed her cell phone after the last missed call that was recorded "so that she could not ask for help" and "with the purpose of depriving her of freedom of movement and of violating her sexual freedom" dragged her to the vehicle and "the introduced into the trunk of large capacity, where he hand and foot with flanges and gagged with tape. The accused, continues the prosecution, had it completely "at your mercy" and moved away at great speed to join the AG-11 (Autovía do Barbanza). About 2.58 hours he threw his mobile phone in motion from the viaduct that crosses Taragoña (Rianxo) and seconds after three o'clock in the morning he left the highway at kilometer 17 to go to Asados ​​(Rianxo), his hometown, where the closed furniture store that had previously been a soda factory is located. Abuín knew that it was an "isolated and solitary place, that had no surveillance" and that it also remained open.

Immediately he parked the car inside and "dragged Diana to the basement store", "lacking electric light and also natural at that time of night". It was a "sordid, dark, dark and dirty, where, having the girl totally at his mercy, tied, subdued and terrified, undressed and groped her with the intention of satisfying her sexual instincts," says the prosecution's brief of Ribeira. Right there, he "penetrated vaginally, while it resisted, the defendant arriving to place a plastic tie around his neck, about 47 centimeters long." The "squeeze strongly with the intention of attempting against his life and to hide the facts," until "killed by strangulation with perimortal fracture of the horn horn bone" summarizes the public accusation in reference to the findings of the autopsy that directed the Verín forensic Fernando Serrulla.

"Once consummated his sexual and homicidal action", the defendant took the inert and naked body to the place where he knew that there was a well under a roof of fresh water and of great depth (10 meters), inside the same basement of the ship . There he threw "his bag with his personal effects, his thong and his body, with the bridle still attached to his neck". He closed the mouth of the well with the lid of a concrete box "so that the body was never discovered" and then undid his clothes "in a place not determined." To better ensure that Diana's body did not appear, she continues to recount the indictment, El Chicle returned to the ship more than 20 days later and burned the corpse "with two large blocks of adobe, weighing 18, 5 kilos, joined together by an electrical cable that passed through the lower back of the body and secured in the armpits to sink.

To perpetrate her crime, El Chicle traveled 17 kilometers, "in which he kept her 25 minutes locked, tied and gagged" to the vacationer. Then he dragged her "to the creepy basement of an abandoned ship, where he had enough time (from 03.09 to 04.09) to satisfy his sexual appetite." Thus, "she prolonged her suffering and pain by subjecting her to a situation of extreme horror and terror," the prosecution describes.

For all this, the prosecution requires a penalty of 20 years in prison and absolute disqualification for the crime of illegal detention and 12 years for sexual assault plus 10 years of probation. For the murder of Diana Quer, perpetrated "with treachery, cruelty and to avoid that another crime is discovered", the public prosecutor claims the reviewable permanent prison sentence. It also requests the prohibition of approaching or communicating with the parents and sister of the victim and of going to or residing in Pobra do Caramiñal, in addition to the obligation to participate in sex education programs. As civil liability, the prosecutor asks parents for compensation of 254,000 euros, and another 36,000 for the sister by Abuin.

Attempt of abduction of a woman in Boiro

At the same time, the Court of Instruction number 2 of Ribeira (the case of Diana Quer is carried in 1) has agreed to open oral trial against Abuín Gey for the attempted abduction of another woman in Boiro on the afternoon of the day of Christmas 2017. The suspect is accused in this case of an alleged crime of illegal detention or, alternatively, of a consummated crime of coercion, in addition to an attempted sexual assault, a robbery with violence and attempted intimidation, a crime of threats and another of injuries.

The prosecution, in this case of attempted abduction that precipitated the arrest of El Chicle at the end of 2017, requests a sentence of up to 15 years and 10 months and compensation for the victim of 15,750 euros. Meanwhile, José Enrique Abuín, who is still in prison and is already convicted of a crime of drug trafficking, must deposit a bond of 20,000 euros to ensure civil liability in the case that was instructed in court number 2. The trial, separate from that of Diana Quer but close in time, it will also take place in the Sixth Section of the Audiencia of A Coruña, in Santiago de Compostela.


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