August 3, 2020

Propeller Ads Scam – Don’t Expect To Be Paid!

If you use Propeller Ads on your website, now is time to remove them and fast to avoid losing your hard earned revenue from you valued web space!

You have a website and you want to earn some revenue from the available spaces in the sidebar or article. Propeller Ads offers a popup mechanism that we have tried for the past couple of months. First month, no problem, we got paid our $25. Second month, revenue increased to around $35, however, after a very busy October / November, expecting our $89.80 payment, it has been rejected!

Why has Propeller Ads rejected our payment? This is the message from the scammers at Propeller Ads:

“Currently, PropellerAds is in a process of integrating KYC system into our business processes.
So we would require you to provide us with a copy of your ID.
Please, note that no payments can be initiated until your profile completes the World Check approval.
Please attach the required document here, in the chat. We’ll take appropriate actions.

Please make sure to send us a photo of the real ID, otherwise  your account can be blocked.
Also if the name of the payment method’s owner does not correlate with the ID – you need either to change the payment method or provide us with the ID of the payment method`s owner.”

Now the funny thing is, this message was sent after the payment was rejected, not before! No warning about this KYC system, a system that basically wants to know about all the money you earn to report it to government officials so they can make sure their corrupt MPs and officials get paid. Yes that is what we think about the KYC system (Know Your Customer), it’s basically just another system to make earning money feel illegal!
Anyway, we sent our documents off to Propeller Ads and around 36 hours later a reply telling us that because the PayPal account was in a different name to that of the payee, we need to send a screenshot of the PayPal account used to collect payments. Now the thing is, 36 hours before, on submitting the screenshot of a passport and changing to a legitimate PayPal account that belongs to the passport holder, it seems that info slipped and continues to slip with “Anna” from Propeller Ads.
Apparently we have to wait until next month to be paid, however, instead of waiting, we have cut our losses now and hope that many others who use Propeller Ads simply withdraw the ads from their websites. Let’s face it, Google will be deranking sites that have anti ad blocking javascript codes on pages anyway, so its job done from us. No risk of losing rankings and we will move onto a publisher network that pays!
We hope this article helps, thank you for reading.