Proof of payments with funds reserved for the driver who spied on Bárcenas

The policeman who infiltrated the home of the family of the former PP treasurer, Luis Bárcenas, was charging for two years 2,000 euros per month from the Ministry of the Interior with the Government of Mariano Rajoy for collecting information and documents from the former Treasurer of the Popular Party when he threatened to pull the blanket. The summary of Operation Kitchen provides evidence of the payments made out of funds reserved for Sergio Ríos, the mole who infiltrated the family home as a driver for Bárcenas’ wife, Rosalía Iglesias, and whom Interior awarded later with an official position in the National Police.

A police report from Internal Affairs indicates that Rajoy had "knowledge" from espionage to Bárcenas

A police report from Internal Affairs indicates that Rajoy had “knowledge” of the espionage of Bárcenas

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Monthly from July 2013 to April 2015 Ríos signed a receipt in which he confirmed that he was charging 2,000 euros “for the expenses incurred during the procedures and / or advice on prevention, security and others, carried out during the current month “. The text of the collections that he signed for years is identical, sometimes in handwritten papers and others with more elaborate documents that served to justify the expenditure of the reserved funds. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor It already determined in the letter that it prepared on this parapolice device that the driver of the Bárcenas family had been given that monthly allowance to obtain information from the ex-treasurer of the PP and imputed to Francisco Martinez, former Secretary of State for Security between 2014 and 2016, who in documents seized by the police He has pointed out who his boss was, the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz. reproduces in this information several examples of the receipts of those payments.

In the report presented to the judge, a breakdown of the money paid to Ríos is made: during the months investigated, Bárcenas’s driver received an extra 50,000 euros divided into 25 monthly payments of 2,000 euros. To that amount must be added 2,574.53 euros for expenses for food, coffee and snacks, 496.65 euros for transport and 195 euros without concept. The police report includes delivery notes, invoices and restaurant tickets presented to Interior and paid for out of the reserved funds.

Not only were meals, transportation, car parking, taxi trips and “coffee-snacks” consumed by Ríos in charge of this budget from the Ministry of the Interior, the following concept also appears among the documents compiled by the General Directorate of the Police : “700 euros, buy a pistol for ‘cook”, the code name with which the agents who were part of the operation referred to the mole who managed to penetrate the house of the former treasurer of the PP. The weapon, a glock pistol, was acquired on December 4, 2013 by Commissioner Enrique García Castaño at the San Huberto Armory, located in the Chamberí neighborhood.

The summary accumulates pages and pages of tickets that Ríos was presenting to prove his daily expenses. Drinks in fast food establishments, such as Burger King or Vips, but there are also lunches in many restaurants located in the Salamanca district, in streets close to the home of the Bárcenas family. For example, in the Ponteareas restaurant, located on Claudio Coello street, on October 21, 2014, the Iglesias driver contributed a bill of 97 euros for a meal he shared with another person, they ordered anchovies, salad, hake and a couple of beers. Eight days later he had lunch with two other people at La Torcaz, located on Calle Lagasca. They settled the after-dinner with a bill of 178 euros, among the dishes are green vegetables, duck, stuffed artichokes and hake.

During the conversations held in those months between former commissioner Villarejo and Iglesias’s driver, the former requires the mole infiltrated into the family of the ex-treasurer to search for compromising information that Bárcenas may have about Cospedal and Rajoy, according to the Internal Affairs investigators in the report. that they have elaborated during the investigation of Operation Kitchen. The agents detail that this operation “would be an operation aimed at locating compromising documents and files with leaders of the Popular Party, which would have had a positive result and would be coordinated by the then Secretary of State for Security (with the knowledge of El Asturiano and El Largo) without any evidence until the moment that the seized material has been obtained in the judicial procedure “.


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