Promuscan and the Fundación Auditorio Teatro program four concerts

Promuscan and the Fundación Auditorio Teatro program four concerts

A moment of the presentation of the cycle between Promuscan and the Fundación Auditorio Teatro. / C7

The evenings 'Eclosiones'22', 'Poesía en el canto en Gran Canaria', 'Tromsabajo' and 'Laudatio' have been scheduled between April and September

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The Auditorium and Theater Foundation and Promuscan, the association for the Promotion of Cultured Music of the Canary Islands, continue to promote the work of composers and disseminate the musical legacy of the Canary Islands. This year four concerts will be held between the months of April and September 2022, which means doubling the number of concerts from last year.

The general director of the Auditorium and Theater Foundation of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tilman Kuttenkeuler; the president of the Association of Composers, Musicologists, Interpreters and Support Partners for the Promotion of Cultured Music of the Canary Islands (Promuscan), José Brito; the vice president of the same association, Álvaro Díaz, and the composers Álvaro Alemán and Wilfredo Angulo yesterday presented the four titles for this season.

The first of them will be 'Eclosiones'22', which will take place on Sunday, April 24, at 12:00 in the Chamber Hall of the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium. This is the continuation of the concert 'Eclosiones', which took place last year and which was the premiere of the Ensemble Lothar Siemens that takes its name in memory of the famous humanist, composer and musicologist, champion of Promuscan. On this occasion, the formation will be composed of flute, clarinet, horn, violin, cello and piano. The repertoire includes pieces by Álvaro Alemán, who will present his work 'Pernocto', and Wilfredo Angulo, with 'Carpentier', who will repeat their participation this year.

Álvaro Alemán Gil is a young composition student who is currently studying the first year of this career at the Canary Islands Superior Conservatory of Music. For his part, Wilfredo Angulo is a clarinetist, saxophonist, musical director, composer, arranger and pedagogue. As a member of the 'Venezuela system', founded by maestro José Antonio Abreu, he has been involved in music education for more than 25 years.

Completing the program of 'Eclosiones'22', Elisa Cancio with 'Balanza', Melquiades Álvarez with 'Ouroboros', Isaac Rodríguez with the piece 'In crescendo', Alexander Cáceres with 'El viento se Levante', José Buceta with 'Serenata del lost love', Carmelo Tejera with 'Soundscapes at night', and Álvaro Lorente with 'Dos breves dysforias'.

The second concert is entitled 'Poetry in singing in Gran Canaria' and will take place on Sunday May 22 at 12:00 in the Chamber Hall. A concert dedicated to works for voice and piano from the Canarian musical heritage of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. An hour-long recital, with songs by notable composers from Gran Canaria or those based in Gran Canaria, inspired by texts by poets of all time.

On June 11, the Ensemble Lothar Siemens will offer the concert 'Tromsabajo' at 12:00 in the Chamber Hall. A concert, in collaboration with FAIC (Federation of Iberian Associations of Composers), which opens the possibility of rupture, anger without blushing, new stylistic trends and a new way of looking at art. This time, the instrumentation is also part of this detachment from the established.

And finally, closing the cycle for the dissemination of music and the legacy of Canarian composers, on Sunday, September 25 at 12:00 noon, 'Laudatio' will take place. It is designed, as its name suggests, to recognize the figure of composers who, due to their outstanding career, involvement with the association, connection and commitment to Canarian culture and veteran status, are granted the category of honorary members. On this occasion, the honoree will be the composer Carlos Cruz de Castro, academician of the Royal Canarian Academy of Fine Arts and Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts.

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