Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Promotion triggers investment in Catalonia by 77% last year

Taking advantage of the Minister of Development on duty goes through the commission of the branch of the Congress of Deputies, the Catalan nationalists always end up asking that "what about mine?" And yesterday was no exception. José Luis Ábalos went to the lower house to report the transport strikes called this summer. But, as he himself acknowledged, knowing that his "classicist" independents would bring up the question of the investment deficit in Catalonia, he was prepared.

Given the accusations of ERC and Junts per Cat that the problems at the airport of El prat they are due to Aena's lack of investment, Ábalos replied that, despite being a more efficient and functional installation than Barajas, it is planned to invest in it 1,824 million, for 1,500 million for the Madrid airport.

But the minister did not stay there. He said that, in global terms, Last year, the tender for investment in Development in Catalonia has grown by 77%, to 891 million. Investment awards have also skyrocketed another 87%. And they would have been greater if, as Ábalos reproached them, the independentistas had supported the Socialist Budget that, once lying down, led to the elections last April. "As they did not support it, they ran out of 2,000 million euros that they had insured," he snapped before assuring that investment in Catalonia is, despite the effort, "insufficient."

Ábalos said that although the effort being made by Fomento may not be what Catalonia needs, the intention should be "noticed." The minister explained several actions that, in his opinion, demonstrate the commitment that his department is showing to improve Catalan infrastructure. He said that, in the Cercanías -Rodalíes- "very important" works are being undertaken, such as the connection with El Prat. Renfe, he added, has already tendered the tender to buy rolling stock worth 3,000 million euros, of which 1,000 million will go to Catalonia. He also stressed that the works of the La Sagrera station are progressing at an important pace and that the Catalan ports have taken an investment of 110 million euros, the largest in all of Spain.

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