August 5, 2020

Promotion to travel to Banjul, Madeira and Lisbon de Binter – La Provincia

Binter has launched a special promotion with a duration of three days that will allow its customers to purchase tickets at lower prices to fly from the Canary Islands to three international destinations of the company: Banjul, Madeira and Lisbon. This promotion will be applied to tickets purchased until tomorrow to fly between day 1 and September 30 to one of those international destinations.

On this occasion, tickets from 85.54 euros per route are offered for sale in case of acquiring round trip, although this cost varies depending on the route taken.

Travelers who wish to take advantage of this promotion can buy tickets through the company's usual sales channels:, the Binter app, telephone 902 391 392, travel agencies and airport offices, where you can check the conditions and prices of the different destinations.


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