Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Promotion fixed minimum services of up to 72% in AVE in the strike of Monday in Renfe

The Ministry of promotion has decreed minimum services essentials up to the 75% on Cercanías trains at rush hour, the 65% in Media Distancia and the 72% in High Speed ​​and Long Distance to guarantee the mobility of travelers and goods before the day of strike convened by CC.OO. in Renfe
for next Monday, July 15.

Specifically, for the various neighborhood centers, essential services have been encrypted in a maximum percentage of 75% of peak hours, and 50% of the usual service for the rest of the day, according to Renfe.

In Average Distance will circulate 65% of the trains and in High Speed ​​and Long Distance, 72%. With regard to freight trains, a percentage of 25% of the usual service is established.

For AVE / Long Distance and Medium Distance passengers whose train is affected, Renfe has established a series of after-sales measures

The minimum services decree includes all the Medium Distance and AVE / Long Distance trains that will circulate normally that day in their normal schedule.

For AVE / Long Distance and Medium Distance travelers whose train is affected by the minimum services and therefore not included in the list included in the decree, Renfe has established a series of after-sales measures.

Travelers affected by suppressed trains will be offered, whenever possible, to travel on another train at the time closest to the one purchased. If you do not wish to make the trip, you can cancel or change your ticket for another date at no cost. The cancellation or exchange operations can be carried out in all the Renfe sales channels.

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