January 16, 2021

Prohibition of using a bus and 16 months in jail for ejaculating on a female passenger

Prohibition of using a bus and 16 months in jail for ejaculating on a female passenger

The man who ejaculated on a woman in a public bus in Sant Vicent del Raspeig (Alicante) has accepted a penalty of 16 months in prison for two crimes of sexual abuse, as reported by the Superior Court of Justice of the Comunitat Valenciana (TSJCV) .

The sentence is firm for the agreement reached by the parties after the conclusion of a quick trial in the courts of the town. The decision of the magistrate of the Court of First Instance and Instruction 3 of Sant Vicent del Raspeig provides for the suspension of the prison sentence imposed for a period of two years, with the warning that the stay will be revoked if he is convicted in this period.

The judge has also imposed measures of probation consisting of the prohibition of the accused approaching each of the victims, their home, their places of work or any other in which they are at a distance of less than 200 meters for a period of eight months, as well as the impossibility of using any urban or interurban bus for the same period of time.

Among the proven facts, the ruling establishes that the defendant acted twice on two women on line 24 of public buses between Sant Vicent del Raspeig and Alicante, one in September of 2018 and the other last February. During them, the man approached the victims with the aim of obtaining sexual satisfaction.

The detention of this person, 32 years old and Brazilian nationality, took place at the end of last month after February 25, on a bus line 24 with a stop at the University of Alicante (UA), which usually students travel, ejaculated on a young woman who was sitting in the vehicle.

A possible witness spread what happened through social networks, which led agents to view images, to take statements and to make a tracking through social networks, which allowed the identification of the alleged perpetrator.

One of the users of public transport reported the situation on social networks: "A girl is sitting next to me, a young boy comes up and starts to get very close." The girl does not care because her hands are covered with her jacket, stops at the Torrent park stop the gentleman (to call it somehow), throws all his stock over him, that is, he runs over her, and leaves the bus stop running ".

According to this witness, the girl was left in a state of shock shaking her head and "was not able to say anything until she is aware of what is happening." Travelers on the route gave the security forces notice to locate the suspect, "with all its description, as this young woman posted on her Facebook wall." Two days later, the Civil Guard managed to arrest him and the trial has already been held. by two abuses to two women, in which the parties have reached the agreement of conformity.


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