October 19, 2020

Profile of today’s stage of the 2020 Giro d’Italia: Mileto – Camigliatello Silano

Profile of today's stage of the 2020 Giro d'Italia: Mileto - Camigliatello Silano.

Profile of today’s stage of the 2020 Giro d’Italia: Mileto – Camigliatello Silano.

The fifth stage of Italy spin, of 225 kilometers between Mileto and Camigliatello Silano, the third longest of this edition, will offer this Wednesday a undulating route that will have as a key point the ascent to Valico di Montescuro, a first-class port with the top 10 km from the finish line.

It will be a busy stage with a good number of climbs, although only three are included in the classification of the mountain. After a short stretch to the north, the platoon will cross Calabria to reach the Ionian coast through a series of ups and downs on very winding roads.

Then will cross Catanzaro Lido and Catanzaro, with a level of third, before approaching the ascent of Tiriolo (3a), which leads to the sector of about 70 km of permanent slides through the slopes of the Sila.

The most anticipated point will be the ascent of the Val di Montescuro (1st), of almost 25 km, which begins at 5.6% average elevation gain to offer peaks, within Spezzano della Sila, of up to 18 percent, along a very wide road with several hairpin bends. From the top, there will be just over 10 km to go.

The last kilometers will be a clear descent to Moccone (4 kms upon arrival), where the road will continue to descend slightly to reach Camigliatello and cross a part of the city (sometimes narrow road), up to 1.2 km, where with a U-curve the course goes to the goal.

Two wide curves of about 400 m lead to the final straight (6.5 m wide).

– Departure time: 10.25 am

– Arrival time: Between 4:20 pm and 4:40 pm.


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