March 6, 2021

Professors of Chile reject the offer of the Executive and follow the indefinite strike

The professors of Chile rejected on Monday the offer of the Executive and decided to maintain the indefinite strike, that began the 3 of June, in demand of salary improvements.

The information was confirmed by the leaders of the union and, according to the figures provided by the board, the partial data of the national consultation resulted in 73.8% of teachers voting for the option of "not stopping the mobilization "

The president of the Teachers' Association, Mario Aguilar, assured the journalists that the rejection of the proposal "is a signal to the Government that a response is necessary, which reassures the teaching staff in Chile."

Aguilar recalled that the union warned the head of Education, Marcela Cubillos "that the answer she gave us did not satisfy us as there were no sensitive issues to be resolved".

"The teaching of Chile has spoken, although it is true that there is a lack of scrutiny, the result seems to us that it already marks an indestructible trend, the percentages are not going to vary, therefore, we can officially announce that the Chilean Magisterium has rejected the proposal of the Government and, therefore, we maintain our indefinite national strike ", emphasized the head of the union.

Aguilar highlighted the wide participation in the consultation since in his opinion more than 50 thousand professors from all over Chile did it to continue the strike "which demonstrates an organizational capacity of my colleagues across the country".

Meanwhile, the leader said that this week there will be new demonstrations, and called on teachers in the private sector, subsidized and paid, to join this mobilization.

The professors demand several labor improvements, among them that the kindergarten teachers and differentials are recognized the so-called specialty "mention", which means a small bonus.

They also demand the end of a "double evaluation" of their work to which teachers are subject, improvements in the infrastructure of public education and that a reform that left History, Physical Education and Arts as electives in both last years of high school.

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