Professor Lluís Serra presents his candidacy for rector of the ULPGC

Professor Lluís Serra presents his candidacy for rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Professor Lluís Serra presents his candidacy for rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), Lluís Serra Majem, also director of the University Institute for Biomedical and Health Research (IUIBS), He presented his candidacy for rector of the ULPGC on Tuesday with the objective of “energize, excite and reactivate” the academic institution.

Serra has been accompanied by the professor of Signal Theory and Communications, Rafael Pérez, and the professor of Applied Economics of the ULPGC, Beatriz González, during the presentation of his candidacy that, he said, seeks to “convince and involve the university community as the true protagonists of this change.”

In this regard, he pointed out that in the coming weeks he will reveal the ideas and innovative projects for the ULPGC, to be developed during the four years of the new mandate, from the first to the last day, no hibernations or slowdowns“, as reported in a press release.

As for the members of his candidacy, he assured that they are an “excellent team of women and men committed “to the university and the Canary Islands, in addition to “dialoguing, entrepreneurs, leaders, inclusive, egalitarian, creative and constituents of a platform open to the participation of all” the levels of the ULPGC, students, scholarship holders, PAS and PDI.

For her part, the professor Beatriz Gonzalez highlighted in his speech the “suitability of Lluís Serra for the position of rector of the ULPGC”, as he highlighted his “rigorous thinking, clarity of ideas, creativity, drive to change what is wrong, head and heart, that listens to the others and he values ​​them. I have realized that he would be a great rector, with the capacity for leadership, drive and transformative creativity. ”

In addition, he considered that Lluís Serra can be a “great asset for the essential jump to the future“from the universities.

For his part, the professor Rafael Perez He pointed out that “it cannot” be accepted that the “only alternative is to assume as inevitable what is already known or passivity resigned to the seriousness” of the situation facing the institution because Canarian society “deserves a better university.”

Pérez has claimed for the ULPGC “to occupy the position that corresponds to it as representative of one of the ten largest cities in Spain, of an archipelago with more than two million inhabitants and of an economy that, although now going through a difficult stage, has the wickers to create development opportunities for the whole of society “. Added that it must be a “benchmark of efficacy” in management, in its social responsibility or in the international projection and solidarity of the Canary Islands.

As for the lines of the Program de Serra involves promoting transparency and participation through two-way communication channels that involve the participation of teachers and students; simplify administrative procedures; or give a higher assessment to the teaching activity, among others.


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