April 16, 2021

Professionalism and experience in a successful campaign

Professionalism and experience in a successful campaign


The multi-channel campaign of Gilmar shows the importance of having specialized professionals, qualified, if you want to achieve the best results.

In a decision as important as buying or selling a home, you must have expert professionals. You can not know everything … That is why Gilmar has launched an advertising campaign in which it stands out, with a sense of humor and common sense, that there is nothing like having professionals.

In the best hands

From the company stand out the spirit of the campaign, the essence of the work in Gilmar: "When we have a health problem, we go to the best doctor we can; If we have to solve legal issues, we look for the best lawyer, etc. And we put ourselves in their hands, because we know that they count not only on knowledge, but on experience. The worst thing we can do is try to solve it on our own. In our case, we have more than 35 years of experience and excellent results for thousands of clients. " Professionals in your sector who trust a professional of their own, like Gilmar.

The business structure of Gilmar knows perfectly all the aspects related to the intermediation in the purchase, sale and rental of real estate located in the best residential areas of Madrid, Andalusia (Costa del Sol, Seville and the coast of Cádiz) and the Canary Islands, as well as as of all the management and after-sales services that your clients can demand. Homes, offices, commercial premises, plots of land, land to build, any other type of operation related to the real estate sector … all need expert advice to avoid making mistakes that we regret.

Reasons to trust Gilmar

The campaign nosepuedesaberdetodo.com, which has a specific web development and ads in the various media, conveys with these messages the importance of trusting the right people. And in the case of Gilmar, its clients have:

-The experience of more than 35 years of this company with more than one hundred thousand satisfied customers, guarantee of seriousness and knowledge of the real estate market.

-Extensive specialized commercial network.

-Assistance and advice throughout the sales process, from the first meeting to the signing of the property.

-A strong advertising investment available to the seller, giving maximum visibility to your home.

-Maximum transparency in the transaction of sale

-An after-sales service that differentiates this from other companies: reforms, removals, cleaning, alarms, landscaping, energy certification …

All of them, applied with excellence to the best possible user experience. Before, during and after any real estate operation, such an important aspect in our lives, the professionals of Gilmar Real Estate Consulting cover all the purchase, sale and rental process with the right tips to facilitate the way to the fullest. As you can not know everything, you have to trust the best professionals.


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