Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Professional football generates 1.37% of GDP and 185,000 jobs in Spain

The industry of professional soccer generates annually in Spain a volume of income from 15,688 million euros, what is the 1.37% of Spanish GDP. The football activity of the 42 Spanish professional clubs of First and Second Division also gives work, 185,000 people. These are some of the most significant data of the study carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) with the data for the 2016/2017 season.

To these revenues should be added other so-called 'tractor impacts', which are related to the sectors of catering, accommodation, bars and national tourism, which during that season were almost 4,000 million.

The sector of the hotel, transport and accommodation enters in a season 2.398 million thanks to football

The celebration of games in the stadiums meant a turnover in the hotel, transport and accommodation sector of 2,398 million throughout the season analyzed in the PWC study.

The study shows how Spanish bars entered 1,226 million thanks to the broadcast in their facilities of football matches of the Professional Football League (LFP), generating 19,415 jobs.

The 185,000 jobs generated by football in Spain during a season represents 0.98% of the people employed in the country. For each direct job created by the LFP, four other jobs were created.

Catalonia is the second Spanish community where more money and employment generates professional football behind Madrid. Specifically, in the 2016/2017 academic year, 2,641 million pesos were invoiced, equivalent to 1.2% of Catalan GDP and 32,471 jobs were related to this sport.

Madrid and Catalonia are the two communities that most notice the impact of football on their economy

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