March 1, 2021

Problems with traffic and floods in Navarra due to heavy rains

The heavy rains that are registering since the early hours of the afternoon in different areas of the Autonomous Community are causing traffic problems, with road cuts and traffic jams, and flooding in the urban area of ​​some towns.

Thus, as reported by the Provincial Police, the N-121 road had to be cut to traffic as a result of the heavy storm at the height of Pueyo.

In places like San Adrián have reached up to twenty streets cut at the same time, according to Efe have informed local police sources who have indicated that the water has entered many private properties and some vehicles have suffered damage.

In others like Tafalla, the traffic, in all the entrances to the town, is "absolutely collapsed" and the "most pressing problem is the river that is going up a lot".

This has been indicated by local police sources, who have reported that there have been several incidents, among which have cited floods of some decks and garages or a stuck vehicle.

In the case of Pamplona, ​​intense rains have affected the normal development of the Sanfermines, forcing the suspension of events such as the bullfight that was to take place in the Pamplona arena, and producing waterlogging in festive spaces such as the Bosquecillo area in which They find numerous street vendors.

This has been said to Efe sources of the Municipal Police, who have pointed out that there have also been some floods in the area of ​​San Jorge.

Navarra is one of the communities that is on alert for rains and storms.

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