Probation without bail for retired writer accused of killing his partner 37 years ago | Society

Probation without bail for retired writer accused of killing his partner 37 years ago | Society

The holder of the Court of Instruction number 4 of Manresa (Barcelona) has released on provisional freedom without bail to the 73-year-old man arrested this Wednesday in Castellón as the alleged perpetrator of the death in 1981 of the woman with whom he maintained a relationship. The girl was 25 years old and was five months pregnant at the time of the events. His remains were found by chance in 1999 on a farm in the town of Sant Salvador de Guardiola in Barcelona during the excavation work to install an ornamental olive tree.

The judge does not appreciate risk of escape of the arrested, M.M.T, a retired writer settled in Castellón although born in a concentration camp of the old German Democratic Republic and raised in an orphanage, according to his biography. In his order, the magistrate indicates that he exempts the detainee from entering the prison "taking into account the circumstances of the events, the penalty that in his day could be imposed on the defendant, as well as having a fixed address and will not cheat the action of justice. " The man must appear before the court "as many times as he is called".

Judicial sources consulted by EL PAÍS have indicated that neither the judge nor the prosecutor's office understands the circumstances for their entry into prison, and in fact this end has not been requested by the public prosecutor. On the possibility that the prescription of the alleged crime is behind the measure of freedom, the same sources have indicated that it has not been considered yet.

From the circle closest to the investigation confirmed to this newspaper that the arrested, with antecedents by bad treatments the mother of her three children, with whom she was married when the girl died, was a "hard" person, with "a lot of life" and a childhood "far from normal". This is how he compares the biography that he himself exhibits in literary pages, where his birth in a concentration camp of the Germany communist and abandonment by his mother. A stormy childhood that reflects in one of his works, where he narrates his escape from the Germanic country and his arrival in Spain in adolescence, getting to know even the prison of Ocaña.

From the local literary sector there is someone who describes him as a "bohemian" man and "globetrotter", who always presented himself as a writer and used to sell his own publications in the streets of Castellón.

The case for which he was arrested was reopened when, in November of last year, the victim's sister, who lives in Madrid, went to a police station to report that she had not heard from her sister since 1981, what allowed to focus the suspicions on the detainee.

While waiting to check the DNA of the fetus with the old man's sample, the agents suspect that the latter, who was residing in Madrid, was married and had three children, had begun a relationship with the victim in that year, which he allegedly killed. and buried in the house he had bought in Barcelona. Now, 37 years later, the Civil Guard has arrested him accused of two murders, that of the girl and her baby. Now, he has been released.


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