Prize for the facsimile of 'The Roses of Hercules Book 1'

The award-winning facsimile. / C7

The volume published by the Cabildo wins the second prize from the Ministry of Culture for the national contest for the best published books

Victoriano Suarez Alamo

The general director of Books and Reading Promotion of the Ministry of Culture, María José Gálvez Salvador, communicated this Thursday to the Tomás Morales de Moya House-Museum the
award of the second prize in the facsimile category to 'The Roses of Hercules, Book 1', edited by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

This recognition corresponds to the national contest that rewards the
Best Edited Books of 2021 And they are released this year.

jury It was chaired by María José Gálvez Salvador herself, General Director of Books and the Promotion of Reading, and was made up of: Ricardos Santos Muñoz, from the National Library of Spain; Antonio Moreno García, by the Emeritus Graphics Club; Vanessa Comino Lorente, for the Business Federation of Graphic Industries of Spain; Miguel Barrero Maján, for the Federation of Publishers Guilds of Spain; Antonio Roque Rivero Rodríguez and Ana Cristina Juan Gascón, as experts in the field, and Teresa Goizueta Ruiz, for the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


In its ruling, the jury highlighted from the facsimile published by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria that it is a
"Very balanced and elegant work, excellent color combination."

Specifically, it is noted that this second prize is awarded to «'Las Rosas de Hércules, Libro I', by Tomás Morales Castellano; original cover by Néstor Martín Fernández de la Torre;
original guards of José Hurtado de Mendoza;
original vignettes Miguel and Néstor Fernández de la Torre;
coordination Editorial by Pablo Cabrera Betancor and the Publishing Department;
advice and documentation Guillermo Perdomo Hernández and the Tomás Morales House-Museum;
finger treatment by Sergio Hernández Peña«.

The recognition received by this facsimile published by the island corporation of Gran Canaria also implies that the General Directorate of Books and Reading Promotion
will support the dissemination of 'The Roses of Hercules, Book 1' at fairs such as Liber, Frankfurt and Leipzig.

In the last two it will be part of the exhibition
Best Book Design from all over the World and after the exhibition a copy will remain as a donation in the
German Book and Type Museum in Leipzig.

Salamanca winner

The first prize went to the facsimile
'Aunt Tula turns one hundred years old (1921-2021)', by Miguel Unamuno, which is accompanied by a 26-page prologue by Luis García Jambrina, and which includes the reproduction of a fragment of the author's original manuscript.

Of this facsimile, edited by the
University of Salamanca, highlights the jury's ruling that it is a "work that is characterized by its great fidelity to the original work since it appears in the handwriting of Miguel de Unamuno, giving a real sensation. An excellent set of presentation of the work».

The third prize went to '
Maxina ou a filla spuria', by Marcial Valladares Núñez; edition of Xesús Domínguez Dono; foreword by Xosé A. Fernández Salgado; layout by Hayat Hussein; digitization of the manuscript carried out by Unayta, which was edited by Editorial Galaxia with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Education and University and with the collaboration of the Royal Galician Academy.

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