April 10, 2021

Private jet flights and beds that assess sexual activity: this will be the holidays of the future | Technology

Private jet flights and beds that assess sexual activity: this will be the holidays of the future | Technology

Imagine traveling in a private jet, flying in a spaceship and spotting the Earth through a large window or enjoying a long journey around seeing a beach of fine sand and crystal clear waters. These are experiences that in principle are within the reach of very few, but it is possible that thanks to technology change very soon. Iberia will start offering this year in some of its journeys the possibility of renting a virtual reality glasses with which the user can move to different scenarios during the flight, in addition to playing or watching different movies.

Technology has also revolutionized the world of tourism. Maybe the experience during a Madrid-London or Barcelona-New York trip will never be the same again. But the changes are going to start before the flight. Specifically at the time of planning the trip. Although more and more customers choose to make reservations on the web, there are those who still prefer travel agencies.

Virtual reality will also help tour operators to move people to other places before buying their vacations. The company Forma Disseny It records 360 degree videos so that anyone can transport themselves without leaving the travel agency to a specific hotel, a campsite or even a beach on the Costa Brava. "It's much more realistic than seeing it in photos. Before the glasses were worth 4,000 euros and had to be connected to a computer, now they are only worth 200 euros and the quality is much better ", tells EL PAÍS the founder of the company, Albert Canals, in the International Tourism Fair (Fitur).

"It's much more realistic than seeing it in photos, before the glasses were worth 4,000 euros"

For those who buy the trip online, the ads will become more personalized. And also the offers. Imagine a system that is capable of predicting the probability that you book the trip on the web. Although this idea may seem a bit futuristic, this algorithm already exists. It is called oracle and is used by the company The Hotels Network. "If a user has a low purchase intention, he is offered a special offer such as a discount or some benefit. But if you have a high intention, you will try to reserve another service such as a spa or a dinner in a restaurant, "says company worker Natalia Palacios.

Once the holidays begin, the experience at the hotel will be somewhat different from the moment you enter through the door. Guillermo López, Zennio prescription engineer, It predicts that in the future there will be two types of accommodation: "On the one hand, there will be high-end ones, where the reception and attention is personalized and customers will reserve experiences instead of stays. On the other, hotels where you're not going to cross paths with anyone and you can book dinners in restaurants or massages through a screen. "

Reception at the hotel

More and more companies are developing devices that would make the hotels without human workers possible. RoomMatik allows guests to do themselves the check in when we arrive to the hotel. They only have to put their data in a machine that will immediately provide them with the key to their room. It is likely that the hotel of the future also has multiple automatic vending machines of the place and androids that entertain the arrival.

Pepper is a humanoid robot that measures just over a meter and, in addition to receiving guests, can perform the check in and be the visitor's tourist advisor. In fact, it is already able to make recommendations based on the preferences and tastes of the traveler thanks to its integration with TripAdvisor. For its part, the Nao robot can offer entertainment and fun with musical choreography or yoga classes.

Jorgina Diaz Torres, director of digital business development at Alisys, explains that these machines are intended to "humanize technology". The use of robots in the hotel sector, he says, is still taking off in Spain: "In Asia there are already hotels fully managed by robots. In Europe it's hard for me to see a hotel of this type. "

There are companies that focus on streamlining the process of customer entry into the hotel

Experts in the sector predict that there is still a long time to make this possible. Therefore, there are companies that focus on streamlining the process of entry of customers in the hotel. The Tourist Rental Law obliges companies and managers of holiday homes to collect data from clients, get them to sign the entry part of the traveler and send it in less than 24 hours to the police or the competent authorities. "In registering a guest, it usually takes about seven minutes, so imagine if you have 50," says Lidia Valenzuelo. She is in charge of the technical support of the company Check-in Scan, who has developed a app able to scan a passport or identity document and extract all the necessary information in just one minute.

At the moment, it is usual for human receptionists to be the ones who serve the clients that arrive at the hotels. Technology also serves to value your work. Imotion Analytics It allows to monitor the emotional state of a client when it is attended thanks to infrared video and facial recognition. "Two indices are measured: happiness and emotional performance score, which measures the evolution of emotions during the interaction. If a client arrives angry, the receptionist can improve or worsen the mood, "says Oscar Peón, founding partner of the company. A total of 15 hotel chains are already working with this technology that, according to Peón, allows us to test different protocols of attention and analyze what can be done to make the client happier.

Two women try a system that monitors their emotional state in Fitur
Two women try a system that monitors their emotional state in Fitur

Smart rooms

The rooms of the future, as predicted by industry experts, will also be totally intelligent. Guillermo López, a prescription engineer from Zennio, explains that hoteliers currently show an interest in detecting occupancy thanks to door opening and movement sensors: "If a room is unoccupied, the music or light is turned off". In this way, energy savings "is enormous".

There are already some rooms that open with the smartphone and in which the customers can regulate with their electronic devices the temperature, the color or the intensity of the lights, the music that sounds or even the smell. "There are systems that emit odors. Maybe you like to wake up with the smell of coffee, "says Raúl Fernández Pérez, consultant Altran.

And to sleep at night there are hotels that bet on smart mattresses. The one exposed this year in Fitur can inform the person who uses it how he has slept and recommend how to improve sleep. But it goes much further: it also evaluates sexual activity. The note is not numeric, but the result is related to an animal based on parameters such as time, movements or heart rate. The most fierce is the shark and, among the fauna with which you can relate, there are also the toucan or flamenco.

There are also companies that create smart televisions that turn off they look like mirrors. It is the case of Cerium, whose device allows, in addition to watching movies, making an order for food, booking a spa, checking the news or weather, reserving experiences and even doing the check out

Altran smart mirror works with facial recognition and takes into account the mood, if you are male or female, age, time that is outside and characteristics of the clothing to recommend plans. While an older person recommends a conference, a spa session or a tai chi class, a young person is advised to go to a monologue or rent an electric scooter. This company also allows the user to choose which holograms you want to decorate the room. For example, a shark or a butterfly. More and more hotels are encouraged to try these new devices, according to Fernandez: "The trend towards technology is great. Either they take advantage of it and they get on the car or another will come and it will ".


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