Prisons isolates the woman accused of killing her children in Godella after pushing an official | Society

María Gombau, the 27-year-old woman accused of kill allegedly her two children in Godella (Valencia), had to be reduced on Tuesday in the prison of Picassent and isolated in a cell after suffering a crisis, push a female official and run through one of the corridors of the nursing module in the what is entered from this Sunday by order of the holder of the Court of Instruction Number 4 of Paterna like presumed author of two crimes of murder.

Gombau, which research sources claim that I suffered from psychiatric problems before committing the crime and that perpetrated it, according to the first indications, in full psychotic outbreak, she was admitted to the Picassent Nursing module, because the prison lacks a psychiatric module. The only prison that he has in the Valencian Community is Fontcalent, in Alicante.

The woman - as well as her partner and father of the children, Gabriel Carvajal, imprisoned in the same jail - was given the suicide prevention protocol, which implies that she is assigned to one or two trusted interns, people who they usually serve sentences for offenses that are not very serious and are entrusted with the task of monitoring the prisoner and warning them if they try to harm themselves.

Great agitation

Penitentiary sources cited by Efe have indicated that the crisis occurred when Gombau returned to his cell from the dining room, around 2:00 pm on Tuesday. The woman said then that she was afraid of hurting the trusted interns who accompanied her and ran away. A prison source added to EL PAÍS that Gombau, who was very agitated, resisted the "containment" that several officials tried to apply, pushed one of them and was finally reduced.

The woman has been isolated in a cell of the Nursing that has a glass wall through which can be monitored by trusted interns.


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