July 25, 2021

Prisons grants the third degree to Jaume Matas after serving half of his sentence

Penitentiary Institutions has granted the third degree to former Balearic minister and president Jaume Matas after serving half of the sentence of four years and three months in prison for the Nóos and Ópera cases. The decision to grant him the third degree, in his less open regime, has come from the Treatment Board of the Aranjuez prison, where he had been admitted since June 2018, which recently gave the go-ahead to his change of regime.

With this, Matas goes today to the Alcalá de Henares Social Insertion Center (CIS) to continue serving his sentence, sources from Penitentiary Institutions have explained to Europa Press and has advanced Vozpópuli. Specifically, the provisions of article 82.1 on the restricted open regime of the Penitentiary Regulations have been applied, provided for in cases of prisoners “classified in third degree with a peculiar criminal trajectory, anomalous personality or diverse personal conditions, as well as when there is an impossibility of carrying out a work abroad or advised by their prison treatment. ”

The provision establishes that the Treatment Board may establish the appropriate open-regime life modality for these inmates and restrict exits abroad, establishing the conditions, controls and means of guardianship that must be observed, where appropriate, during the same. Therefore, Penitentiary Institutions have delved into the fact that it is the least open third degree regime and the one that is usually common when it is granted for the first time when that modality is accessed.

In addition, the former Balearic leader may have 48 days of leave a year, divided into two semesters, and weekends for access to third grade. Matas was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison for prevarication, fraud and influence peddling in the Nóos case and, already in prison, another seven-month prison sentence was added for the Opera case.


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