Prisons appoints new directors in the prisons of Soto del Real (Madrid), Ceuta and Burgos

As reported by the agency of the Ministry of Interior, the director of the Penitentiary Center of Burgos, Luis Carlos Antón, has now become the new head of Madrid V (Soto del Real), the reference center of the National Court.

Born in Burgos, Antón holds a Law degree from the University of Burgos, a Master in Administration and Management of Prisons and an expert in electronic security systems and armed gangs.

He has been a prison officer since 1994, when he joined the Special Corps of Penitentiary Institutions. He has developed his work in the prisons of Nanclares de la Oca, Bilbao, Daroca and Madrid II. In addition, he was Deputy Director of Regime at the Penitentiary Psychiatric Hospital of Alicante and Deputy Director of Security in the prisons of Madrid VII and Madrid V, which he now heads.

Luis Carlos Antón replaces José Luis Argenta, who joins the central services of Penitentiary Institutions as head of the Economic Area of ​​the Subdirectorate General for Prison Services.

Since yesterday the new director of the Ceuta Penitentiary Center is Pablo García Pacios, replacing Francisco José Delgado. Law degree from the University of León, he entered Prisons in 2005 and is an official of the Higher Corps of Technicians of Penitentiary Institutions, in the specialty of jurist. He has served as Deputy Director of the regime of the Ceuta prison since 2011.

According to the agency that directs Ángel Luis Ortiz, the management of the Burgos Prison Center will soon have the first woman in charge. This is Elena Ramos Iglesias, to date, Deputy Director of Treatment of the same center.

Ramos has a degree in Law from the University of Salamanca and an officer of the Higher Corps of Technicians of Penitentiary Institutions, with a specialty as a lawyer. He has worked in different prisons since 2002, such as Zaragoza, Alcalá de Guadaira, Soria, A Lama and Burgos, a center that he will begin directing shortly.


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