Prisoners withdraw their proposal to reorder JxCat to lower tension

Prisoners Quim Forn, Josep Rull and Jordi Turull, and ex-seller in Belgium Lluís Puig have withdrawn their proposal to reorder JxCat, endorsed by former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont but that was dismissed by the PDeCAT executive, to reduce tension in space post-convergent.

Thus they have transferred it in a letter addressed to the president of the PDeCAT, David Bonvehí, after the leadership of the Partit Democrat rejected on June 26 the prisoners' proposal and agreed to continue negotiating with the National Court for the Republic and JxCat the rearrangement of space.

The prisoners had raised the creation of a constituent assembly of JxCat, to give birth to a new party with these initials, and give the PDeCAT six months to decide whether or not to dissolve in this new formation.

The prisoners verify in the letter that, when their proposal was rejected by the PDeCAT leadership, it has already declined.

"We want to avoid that this initiative could be an object of tension within the party, be it in territorial, sectorial assemblies or in the national council itself," they point out.

In the letter they highlight that in the PDeCAT there are "different visions of how the transit towards a strengthened and ordered Junts per Catalunya has to be developed".

And they emphasize that all of them are "legitimate visions" that, they assure, will have the possibility of "defending positively and regardless of any internal confrontation over the next few weeks."


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