August 5, 2021

Prison for the Swedish prisoner for the murder of his wife in Puerto Rico – The Province

Prison for the Swedish prisoner for the murder of his wife in Puerto Rico - The Province

The holder of the Court of San Bartolomé de Tirajana ordered yesterday a provisional detention order communicated without bail against a Swedish citizen identified by the initials LEA, 45 years old, for being the alleged perpetrator of a violent homicide of his wife, María V., 42, occurred last Thursday in an apartment complex in Puerto Rico, in the Gran Canaria municipality of Mogán.

The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) reported yesterday that the judge on watch has already been inhibited in the knowledge of the case in favor of the Court of Violence against Women. In fact, the preliminary proceedings were initiated in that sense on Thursday, the same day that the investigation was initiated and the arrest of the suspect took place. All this indicates, therefore, that from the beginning the matter has been investigated as a case of sexist violence.

The judicial decision was made after receiving the autopsy performed on the body of Maria V. which reflects blows to the head that could have caused her death. This was the cause of the arrest of the sentimental couple of the deceased, resident and owner of the apartment that, according to the neighbors, had a sickly appearance, with an almost extreme thinness and that during the last months hardly had strength to climb the stairs.

Other data that the Civil Guard has are the recordings made by the seven security cameras, which will provide evidence of when was the last time they entered and left the complex, or if the statement of the arrested coincides with the hours of the recordings Sources of the investigation informed that the wife of the detainee was found dead in her apartment during the morning of Thursday by a patrol of the Civil Guard of Mogán, after the husband called 112 at 10.00 hours to ask for help.

The explanations given by the husband and the blows that the body presented raised the suspicions of the agents who inspected the apartment and the man was arrested that same afternoon with charges of murder, since a forensic doctor determined that the injuries observed in the deceased presented signs of criminality.

The agents of the Judicial Police Organic Unit of the Commandery of Las Palmas returned again Friday the place of the events. The investigators relate initially the homicide with problems of both with alcohol.


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