Prison for a soldier for teleworking from Spain while stationed in the United Kingdom

Prison for a soldier for teleworking from Spain while stationed in the United Kingdom

He Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence to 8 months prison still lieutenant colonel of the Air Force what teleworked without permission for 8 months from Spain while stationed in the United Kingdoma period in which he received 190,000 euros as a supplement abroad, which he has to return.

The officer was assigned in July 2020 to Combat Air Group, at the British Air Force Barracks, and took possession of its destination on August 1. Five days later he registered as a resident at the London Consulate.

As a Spanish soldier with the greatest employment and seniority, he served as a senior member of the national contingent and his additional duties included act as chief of staff during the absences of the head that of your second.

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But November 5th he returned to Spain without having authorization either to establish his residence or to telework in Spain, where he was until July 9, 2021when he traveled to the United Kingdom to receive the colonel who was joining the Base.

He Central Military Court sentenced him to eight months prison for a crime of destination abandonment and residence, a ruling that the Supreme Court now ratifies as there is no authorization to support their conduct, which is part of the Covid 19 pandemic.

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In this regard, the Air Force protocol explained that personnel assigned abroad will follow the instructions of the health authorities of the destination country and the unit itself, but inform the Human Resources Headquarters of any vicissitudes "whatever clearly it did not happen," says the Court.

During the eight months that he was in Spain without authorization, he received 190,000 euros as additional compensation abroadan amount that the Supreme Court says it has a clear duty to restitute, even though the Prosecutor's Office did not claim it.