Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Prisa appoints Luís Cabral CEO of Media Capital, its Portuguese subsidiary

Luís Cabral It has been named new CEO of the Portuguese media group Media Capital, company belonging to Prisa group, replacing Rosa Cullell, former director of the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA).

The appointment of Cabral demonstrates the commitment to the "internal talent" of Media Capital, the largest group of communication Y entertainment of Portugal, says in a press release Prisa.

According to Prisa, the appointment of Cabral is "a succession that has been prepared over the last few months, which ensures the materialization of the transformation designed, both in television content and in digital content."


The company is in a new phase of transformation

Luís Cabral (Lisbon, 1961) has a degree in Marketing and Advertising and joined Media Capital in 1989. Since 2009 he was CEO of Media Capital Rádios. "I assume this leadership with a huge sense of responsibility. I accept the challenge convinced that we have all the necessary tools to successfully face the work that lies ahead, "he said.

"The company is now prepared to face the present and future challenges, now under the leadership of Luís Cabral, who has been with us for several years and in whom we have the greatest confidence," said Prisa sources.


Changes in the board of directors

The Spanish corporation adds that they have been appointed as members of the board of directors of Media Capital Pedro García Guillén and Xavier Pujol Tobeña, following the resignation of Miguel Pais do Amaral and António Pires de Lima.

Following these changes, the CEO of Prisa, Manuel Mirat, assumes the position of chairman of the board of directors of the Portuguese group.

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