Prisa appoints Josep Oughourlian (Amber Capital) as new non-executive chairman

The board of directors of Grupo Prisa, at the proposal and prior report of the Appointments, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee, has agreed to appoint Joseph Oughourlian, current proprietary director representing Amber Capital, as non-executive chairman of the highest governing body of the company, the company has informed the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Amber and Telefónica overthrow Javier Monzón as president of Prisa

Amber and Telefónica overthrow Javier Monzón as president of Prisa

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Oughorlian held the vice-presidency of the board since April 2019 and his appointment as president has been carried out within the framework of the succession plan launched by the board of directors after the resignation, last December, of Javier Monzón as president . The Amber Capital fund is the main shareholder of Grupo Prisa with 29.8% of the capital.

Given the condition of proprietary director of the Chairman of the Board, the appointment of the independent director Rosauro Varo Rodriguez as vice chairman of the board of directors and the continuity of Beatriz de Clermont as coordinating director has been agreed.

Likewise, the independent director Javier de Jaime Guijarro has informed the company of his resignation as a member of the board and, consequently, as a member of the delegated committee, due to the difficulties in combining this position with his current professional situation and because of his desire to improve gender diversity on the board of directors, which would facilitate leaving a vacant vacancy on the Board.

Pepita Marín replaces Javier de Jaime on the board

After thanking De Jaime for his "dedication, contribution and professionalism" during the performance of the position, the Board has agreed to appoint, by co-option, Pepita Marín Rey-Stolle as director, with the category of independent, to fill the vacancy.

As reported by the company to the CNMV, the professional profile and experience of Pepita Marín, CEO of We Are Knitters, fit in with the matrix of competencies drawn up by the appointments committee, providing the professional and personal skills required by the board of directors , in particular, experience in e-commerce and digitization, auditing, entrepreneurship, and generational renewal.

With this appointment and following the recommendations of good corporate governance, the presence of women on the board of directors of the media group is reinforced.


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